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Dress our casual collection in art and consciousness. Sustainable T-shirts, jackets and accessories come to life with captivating prints and embroidery by Alex. Each garment is a style statement that respects the planet, ideal to show off with attitude in your daily life.

Koi Short Sleeve T-ShirtKoi Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Koi Short Sleeve T-Shirt Sale price26.00€
Taormina bomber jacketTaormina bomber jacket
Taormina bomber jacket Sale price65.00€
Portofino bomber jacketPortofino bomber jacket
Portofino bomber jacket Sale price65.00€
Amalfi bomber jacketAmalfi bomber jacket
Amalfi bomber jacket Sale price65.00€
Crop top TaorminaCrop top Taormina
Crop top Taormina Sale price34.00€
Portofino crop topPortofino crop top
Portofino crop top Sale price34.00€
Amalfi crop topAmalfi crop top
Amalfi crop top Sale price34.00€
'Bouquet me up' short sleeve t-shirt'Bouquet me up' short sleeve t-shirt
Butterfly Embroidery Short Sleeve T-shirtButterfly Embroidery Short Sleeve T-shirt
Carp Embroidery Short Sleeve T-ShirtCarp Embroidery Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Behind the bush short sleeve t-shirtBehind the bush short sleeve t-shirt
Whale short sleeve t-shirtWhale short sleeve t-shirt
Whale short sleeve t-shirt Sale price26.00€
Taormina Tote BagTaormina Tote Bag
Taormina Tote Bag Sale price22.00€
Portofino Tote BagPortofino Tote Bag
Portofino Tote Bag Sale price22.00€
Pastel cap with butterfly embroideryPastel cap with butterfly embroidery