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About us

Vera & the Birds is a natural cosmetics and lifestyle brand that allows us to get in touch with ourselves. We create effective formulas with high quality botanical active ingredients to care for, nourish and regenerate your skin.

Vera & the Birds has its roots firmly anchored in nature, the slow life, in a love for ourselves and in the ‘here and now’.

Our particular dreamlike and sensuous world does not only include natural cosmetics. It also encompasses every aspect of looking after ourselves, so, in our shop you will also find illustrations, teacups, herbal teas and accessories


Alex López Capitelli is the creator and CEO of Vera & the Birds. She is from Elche, she is the mother of two beautiful daughters and she is mad about cats. She likes griddled artichokes, every kind of tea and cosy atmospheres. She also likes to dance, flowers, radiant people and is a professional ‘misplacer of things’.

Vera & the Birds was born out of an inescapable need to create effective, sensuous and beautiful products and, above all, products that allow us to be present and to be kind to ourselves.

It all began when Alex decided to give up her career in communications to devote herself to following a calling she felt deep inside. A project that would satisfy her own sensuous, serene universe and which would embrace her greatest passions: nature, personal care, the slow life and illustration.


It may sound like a name for a band, but it is in fact a combination of two terms that have a deep meaning for us. Vera is the name of Alex’s first daughter. It is a beautiful name because of how it sounds and because it means “true”. The Birds represent the natural world and the sensuous, beautiful and dreamlike experience we try to reproduce in each of our products.