Beautiful color and durability

I loved it! The color is amazing, the stick goes on easily even without liner, and it lasts forever. It's my first Vera & the birds bar but it won't be the last. I will definitely try other shades.

And as always, the fact of knowing that you are buying a sustainable and environmentally friendly product. It's totally worth it.

Marta R.


I love this product and it's not just for summer. I carry it in my bag and wear it at any time. On top of makeup, it's the best!

Mónica G.

Very good

Since the first use I have noticed the skin is smoother, more elastic, hydrated and with less apparent bags. I put it on at night and even with sensitive eyes it doesn't bother me at all, on the contrary. A great discovery!

María M.

Juicy and luminous skin

The truth is that it leaves the skin very juicy and luminous. With a healthy and youthful appearance. I like it!

Sandra P.

Sublime as its name

Very refreshing and moisturizing, it leaves the eye contour very nourished. I love it

Jennifer D.

Most wanted 💘

Get pretty with #veraandthebirds


Black Friday is the most irresistible period of the year, but it is also a very chaotic and stressful time, where among all the whirlwind of offers and discounts it is extremely difficult to shop wisely and keep a cool head.

Therefore, we have developed a series of tips to survive this period and that your purchases are conscious, thoughtful and calm. Breathe! Take paper and pencil because we are here to help you :)

I want to know all about it!


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