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Tea & herbal tea

A selection of teas and herbal teas to relax with your favourite book. A moment of peace in the form of black tea, green tea, rooibos or infusion with the most delicious aromas.

Rooibos invierno vera and the birdsWinter Rooibos
Winter Rooibos Sale price8.50€
Rooibos Carrot Cake
Rooibos Carrot Cake Sale price8.50€
Tiramisu black teaTiramisu black tea
Tiramisu black tea Sale price6.50€
Slimming herbal tea
Slimming herbal tea Sale price8.50€
Wellness TisaneTisana bienestar dolores ciclo menstrual
Wellness Tisane Sale price6.50€
Rooibos BerriesRooibos Berries
Rooibos Berries Sale price9.00€
Rooibos Apple PieRooibos Apple Pie
Rooibos Apple Pie Sale price9.00€
Rooibos kombucharooibos kombucha tisanas veraandthe birds
Rooibos kombucha Sale price9.00€
Pakistani black teaPakistani black tea
Pakistani black tea Sale price6.50€
Sakura green teaSakura green tea
Sakura green tea Sale price8.50€
Relaxing herbal tea 'Sweet dreams'Relaxing herbal tea 'Sweet dreams'
Flowers and fruits green teaté verde con flores y frutas - té diurético