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Rooibos Berries

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The forest in your cup. Delicately infused strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, cherry and blackberry leaf to gift endless evenings. The sweetness of Rooibos combines perfectly with the acid touch of red fruits.

You can take this herbal tea at any time of the day: you do not have time for your hours of sleep to be assured. In fact, rooibos is not itself tea, but a reddish bushy plant from South Africa.

Classic kraft tea bag | 100g

Rooibos Berries
Rooibos Berries Sale price7.20€ Regular price9.00€
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Infusions are natural drinks that are obtained from the leaves, roots or fruits of some plants. This method of obtaining certain substances from natural elements has been used for millennia by different ancient cultures to extract the properties and benefits of plants.