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Frequently asked questions

Online purchases and payment

I have a discount code When will I be able to use it?

If you have a discount code you can apply it to your order, but remember that the codes are not compatible with other offers or promotions and that they are not cumulative with each other.

Can gift orders be wrapped?

Vera & the birds products go in a careful and beautiful packaging to the best of their lungs. The person to whom you give one (or several) products from our store will not find it wrapped in wrapping paper, but in something much better. (The only products that are not sent in this packaging are the sheets and books, due to their dimensions, but their packaging is also beautiful, do not worry).

Can I add a congratulation to my order?

It is currently not possible to add a congratulatory or personalized note on orders. But do not worry, since no invoice is included in it either.

Can I know the status of my order?

Yes. Log in to your customer account and you will be able to see all the information about your orders.

What forms of payment can I use to make my purchase?

The payment methods accepted are credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and Amex), PayPal and Aplazame.

How do I save an item I like?

It's very simple! To save your favorite products, log in and then select the items by clicking on "Add to my wishlist" below the buy button for all items.

To view your wishlist, click on the "heart" in the upper right corner of the screen.

Is it safe to pay through the Vera & the birds website?

Absolutely safe. The online store complies with all the security protocols for online transactions so you can be 100% sure that your purchase will be safe.

The web gives me error when trying to pay

Perhaps it may be because you have not included all the information that the system needs or because there is some erroneous data. Review your data and if the problem persists, write to us at

I just made a purchase but I think I want to return it, how do I do it?

First contact us by email, by Instagram or chat informing us. If your order has not been processed or prepared we will make a full refund and that's it. If your order has already been processed, then you will have to return it to us once you have received it. Please see our return policy for more information.

How do I know when my order is ready?


Once your order is placed, we will send you a confirmation email and another email, when we are preparing your order. When the package leaves our facilities, the logistics company will send you an email/sms indicating the estimated delivery date and your tracking number (check the spam email in case it reaches that tray).


Is it possible to receive periodic information in my email with the latest news from Vera & the birds?


Of course! Just subscribe to our Newsletter (here) and enjoy all the content we have prepared for you.



Shipping, exchanges and returns

What shipping methods do you have on the web?


We have two different shipping methods. You can receive your order at your home through an agency (Envialia) or pick it up at the nearest collection point (Punto Pack). If your order only includes samples it will be sent via regular postal mail.


In addition, if you live in Elche or surroundings you have the option to pick up your order in our studio.


What is the maximum deadline for exchanges and returns?


If you are not satisfied with your order, you have a period of 14 calendar days, counting from the date of receipt, to make the change or return. Remember that the products must not be open and must be returned in their original packaging.


How can I process a return and/or exchange?


Write to us at to inform us of your decision and to process your change/refund. You can consult more information (here).


How will I receive my refund?


The refund will be reflected in your account within 7 to 14 working days, depending on the entity. We will make the refund with the same payment method you made your purchase.


Can I pick up my order at your office?


Of course, if you are from Elche or surroundings you can place your order to pick it up in the studio. Remember that you must select the shipping method "Pick up at the office (Elche)". This shipping mode has no cost for you, it is free.


A product has made me react, can I return it?


All our cosmetics are safe, dermatologically tested and pass all relevant quality and safety controls. Each type of skin is different and sometimes can react differently than expected, but this does not mean that the cosmetic is in poor condition or unsafe.


In these cases, other internal or external factors of the person and totally alien to the cosmetic and its actives can influence, such as the skin's own sensitivity for various causes, the use of other cosmetic products, etc.


Cosmetic products are considered a hygienic product and therefore the return of them is not allowed once opened / unsealed or used, except for manufacturing defect, which is not this case. So it would not be possible to return it.



We recommend that you wait a few days for your skin to return to normal and if you feel like it, you can give the product a second chance. Remember that you can try it on your forearm before to see if that reaction is still occurring.



I have asked for samples and they have not yet arrived. How long will it take?


Sample orders, when sent by ordinary postal mail, usually take between 6 and 12 business days. If within this period since you placed the order, you have not received the envelope with the samples, please contact us through RRSS, chat or


Do you have more questions? You can solve all your doubts about the preparation of orders and shipments in our Shipping Info and what to do if you have received your order and you are not completely satisfied with the return policy.


Can the line be used in pregnancies and lactation?


All our cosmetics can be used during pregnancy and lactation, since there is no contraindication in their use.


From what age can the products be used?


In principle, all products can be used from the age of 3. However, certain cosmetics are not recommended to be used in young children because they can irritate their delicate skin. Contact us at for more information.


Are they natural products?


Our products are natural, that is, they are formulated almost entirely with ingredients of natural origin. There is a minimum percentage of unnatural ingredients present in the formula to ensure its stability and sensoriality.


Do your products contain parabens?


No. In our formulas you will not find parabens, mineral oils, silicones and sulfates, among others. Here's why.


There are certain substances that have no place in Vera & the birds because at some point some doubt has loomed over them about their safety (parabens, aluminum salts). This does not mean that they are 'bad' but that we prefer to apply the precautionary principle and not use them.


In other cases we simply do not use certain substances because we always try to use the natural alternative. That is the case with silicones, mineral oils etc. If there is a natural option that fulfills its function wonderfully, why not use it?


My skin is sensitive, can I use your products?


In principle if your skin is sensitive our products will sit great. All our products are dermatologically tested before being put on the market, and the vast majority of them are tested on sensitive skin. In the product sheets we indicate if the product is tested on sensitive skin.


Still, as a precaution, test a small amount on a sensitive area such as the front of your elbow first to see if your skin feels good.


Can I use your products if I have rosacea, atopic skin or any dermatitis?


In case your skin suffers from dermatitis, we always recommend that you consult your dermatologist first.


Are there allergens present in the products?


The products indicated on the label with two asterisks are allergens. These are allergens naturally present in essential oils.


Is Vera & the birds cosmetics vegan?


All our cosmetic products are vegan.


How do I know if a product is indicated for my skin type?


In the file of each product you have all the information you need to know what type of skin each product is aimed at. If you still have doubts you can write to us through our RRSS, chat or by writing to


What do I do if I don't know what my skin type is?


We have created a skin test that can guide you on your skin type and skin needs. You can take the test (here).


If you still have doubts, write us by RRSS, chat or email so that we can perform a personalized routine.


When do the products expire?


If the product is closed, you will find the expiration date on the packaging. Once the product is opened, you must consume it within a period of six months. In the case of masks, we recommend their use within three months.


What is the PAO?


PAO stands for Period After Opening. On all products it is indicated with a number inside a packaging icon. That number means the months you can use the product in optimal condition after opening it.


We recommend keeping all products always at a controlled room temperature of less than 25 degrees, without humidity and protected from direct sun.


Then PAO and expiration date. Is it the same?


The PAO are the months you have to consume the product once opened. The expiration date indicates the maximum time to open the product.


Where do you manufacture your products?


We select the best suppliers and manufacturers for each type of product. We currently work with different manufacturers with whom we share our natural philosophy and whose processes are as respectful as possible with the environment.


Does Vera & the birds test on animals?


We do not test on animals so much for philosophy, love of nature and conviction and because we also comply with the regulations of the European Union.


Are there any incompatibilities of use between the products?


You can use Vera & the birds products in your daily routine without problems of incompatibilities between them. Of course, if you have doubts about how to apply them, order of them or for what type of needs they are indicated, do not hesitate to contact us through our RRSS, chat or by writing to