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Welcome. This is your home. This is Vera & the Birds. And this is what we believe in.

We firmly believe in a slower pace of life, one in which we are more in touch with ourselves and with our environment. Being more aware. That when you read a book, you are fully absorbed in it, and when you pick up your kids, you’re not scrolling through WhatsApp. That, after your shower, when you apply moisturising lotion, you experience it fully, immersing yourself in its aromas and noticing its effects.

We believe that we are nature and that we should return to it. Natural cosmetics feel good because they are the closest to what we are made of.

We believe we should put our heart entirely into whatever we do. To live honestly and fully. Being authentic is the only way we can find that path.

We believe in feeling at home, that your cat’s purr is your mantra and the sound of tea pouring is your sound track. That you will finally hang those lovely pictures you bought ages ago on your wall and that you can sprawl out on the sofa to binge-watch your favourite series.

We believe that beauty heals us. And that’s it!

We believe there is a more sustainable lifestyle. We have no choice. There is no planet B we can escape to once we have destroyed this one.

We believe in chocolate. And in pizza, and Spanish omelette and in devouring oranges by the mouthful. We believe a cup of tea with friends will wash every care away and a beer with them will wash away even more.

We believe in the pleasure of small things.

We believe we should spend time with those who are important to us, in playing at unicorns and whales and in inventing a thousand incredible things. So, be a child again; it is your greatest gift.