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Our bathroom collection is a hymn to summer, beauty and nature. Feminine swimsuits and bikinis for women and girls, adorned with Alex's vibrant artistic prints. Made with sustainable materials, these pieces will turn your beach days into unique and eco-friendly experiences.

Portofino Recycled Bikini TopPortofino Recycled Bikini Top
Amalfi recycled bikini topAmalfi recycled bikini top
Amalfi recycled bikini top Sale price26.00€
Portofino recycled bikini bottomsPortofino recycled bikini bottoms
Girl's swimsuit 8-16 years TaorminaGirl's swimsuit 8-16 years Taormina
Braguita bikini reciclada color verdeBraguita bikini reciclada color verde
Taormina recycled bikini topTaormina recycled bikini top
Taormina recycled bikini top Sale price26.00€
Taormina recycled bikini bottomsTaormina recycled bikini bottoms
Recycled bikini bottoms in taupe colorRecycled bikini bottoms in taupe color
Amalfi recycled bikini bottomsAmalfi recycled bikini bottoms
Taormina swimsuitTaormina swimsuit
Taormina swimsuit Sale price49.00€
Portofino swimsuitPortofino swimsuit
Portofino swimsuit Sale price49.00€
Girl's swimsuit 8-16 years AmalfiGirl's swimsuit 8-16 years Amalfi
Girl's swimsuit 2-7 years TaorminaGirl's swimsuit 2-7 years Taormina
Girl's swimsuit 2-7 years AmalfiGirl's swimsuit 2-7 years Amalfi
Amalfi swimsuitAmalfi swimsuit
Amalfi swimsuit Sale price49.00€