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Exercise your style with our high-performance sports collection. Technical leggings and tops that combine total mobility with captivating artistic prints created by Alex. Its premium compressive fabric molds to your figure without restriction, while the unique designs add a dose of inspiration to your fittest routines.

Portofino short leggingsPortofino short leggings
Portofino short leggings Sale price29.00€
Taormina short leggingsTaormina short leggings
Taormina short leggings Sale price29.00€
Verona short leggingsVerona short leggings
Verona short leggings Sale price29.00€
Portofino cycling leggingsPortofino cycling leggings
Portofino cycling leggings Sale price32.00€
Taormina cycling leggingsTaormina cycling leggings
Taormina cycling leggings Sale price32.00€
Verona cycling leggingsVerona cycling leggings
Verona cycling leggings Sale price32.00€
Portofino high support sports topPortofino high support sports top
Taormina high support sports topTaormina high support sports top
Verona high support sports topVerona high support sports top
Verona medium support sports topVerona medium support sports top