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Gift packs

New collection of packs with four toiletry bags inspired by the most wonderful cities to travel this summer. They contain the necessary products to continue taking care of you during your holidays and also at a very special price!

(The packs are not compatible with discount codes)

Save 20%'Fresh Morning' Pack
'Fresh Morning' Pack Sale price53.60€ Regular price67.00€
Save 20%'Super polished skin' pack
'Super polished skin' pack Sale price32.00€ Regular price40.00€
Save 20%Pack 'It's well-aging my dear'
Pack 'It's well-aging my dear' Sale price58.40€ Regular price73.00€
Save 20%'Day & Night' Pack
'Day & Night' Pack Sale price41.60€ Regular price52.00€
Save 20%'You Glow, Girl' Pack
'You Glow, Girl' Pack Sale price44.80€ Regular price56.00€
Save 20%'Pristine cocktail' pack
'Pristine cocktail' pack Sale price32.00€ Regular price40.00€
Save 20%'Sleeping beauty' pack
'Sleeping beauty' pack Sale price52.80€ Regular price66.00€
Save 20%'A ray of light' Pack
'A ray of light' Pack Sale price49.60€ Regular price62.00€
Save 20%'Cleanse & Renew' Pack
'Cleanse & Renew' Pack Sale price84.80€ Regular price106.00€
Save 20%'Skin sherbet' pack
'Skin sherbet' pack Sale price54.00€ Regular price67.50€
Save 20%'Super clean skin' pack
'Super clean skin' pack Sale price31.20€ Regular price39.00€
Save 20%'This is Hygge' Pack
'This is Hygge' Pack Sale price30.40€ Regular price38.00€
Save 20%Pack 'Extra super polished skin'
Pack 'Extra super polished skin' Sale price51.20€ Regular price64.00€
Save 20%'Cleanse & peel' pack
'Cleanse & peel' pack Sale price31.20€ Regular price39.00€
Save 20%'Ready, Set, Glow' Pack
'Ready, Set, Glow' Pack Sale price28.40€ Regular price35.50€
Save 20%'Saturday afternoon' Pack
'Saturday afternoon' Pack Sale price21.20€ Regular price26.50€