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Jui-C Glow Serum: an antioxidant bomb

vit c serum

We have launched a great product that you have been asking for for a long time: a serum with 10% liposomal vitamin C and ferulic acid. Jui-C Glow Serum comes into our lives to give us skin that is more protected from the harmful action of free radicals, more unified, beautiful and luminous.

But before we get to work, let's get to the basics: what is vitamin C and what is it for?

What is vitamin C for on the skin?

Vitamin C is an essential molecule for the proper functioning of our body. The downside is that - like the rest of the vitamins - the body cannot synthesize it itself and needs us to acquire it through other means.

A varied and balanced diet, full of fruits and vegetables, should be enough to have the adequate supply of vitamin C, but sometimes it does not reach our epidermis (or not as much as we would like🙊) and we have to get it topically. Our skin needs antioxidants to stay healthy: it is the first defensive barrier against external agents (UV radiation, pollution, tobacco smoke), and it spends its days fighting against the action of free radicals, mainly responsible for wrinkles, sagging and photoaging.

Top of the tops: sodium ascorbyl phosphate

Within vitamins C there are also classes: they are not all the same. The best known is ascorbic acid, which is its purest form, but also the most unstable: it degrades easily and has to be formulated at a very low pH which can irritate the skin . That is why it is very common for laboratories to increasingly opt for their derivatives, which are more stable and suitable for all skin types.

We have chosen one of the top types of vitamin C for our formula : sodium ascorbyl phosphate (or sodium ascorbyl phosphate), a derivative with all the good things of ascorbic acid but much more stable and with greater penetration power. In addition, it is carried in liposomes, which are tiny deep-release vegan vesicles that allow ten times greater penetration than conventional vitamin C and provide extra protection against oxidation and degradation.

vit c serum

Enriched formula: even more antioxidant

As if that were not enough, we have enriched the formula with ferulic acid, a powerful antioxidant that increases the effectiveness and permeability of vitamin C; kakadu nut extract, with a contribution of vitamin C one hundred times greater than orange and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, to maintain optimal hydration.

The result is a serum of tremendous effectiveness but still suitable for sensitive skin that is easily irritated with other vitamin C.

Although it is the antioxidant ingredient par excellence, supported by countless clinical studies and the most recommended by specialists, vitamin C continues to raise doubts. Here we solve the most frequent ones, but feel free to write to us if you have any more.


This is a myth that revolves around vitamin C that is completely false. Precisely this active ingredient and its derivatives treat tone irregularities, correcting them and making the skin more uniform. That is, it causes exactly the opposite effect: it depigments.

It is possible that this myth is due to confusion between the terms photosensitive and photosensitizer . Pure vitamin C is a photosensitive active ingredient, meaning that when exposed to light it destabilizes and loses effectiveness. But it is not photosensitizing, that is, it will not cause the appearance of erythema, spots, etc.


You can and should use Jui-C Glow serum in the morning because it will protect you from the formation of free radicals caused by sun exposure. EYE! Vitamin C helps prevent the sun from affecting our skin as much, but it cannot replace sunscreen in any way. Combine Jui-C Glow Serum with Silk Defense Tinted SPF 40+ for a perfect anti-ox combo.

vit c serum


Go ahead and say that whether you can mix vitamin C with one or another active ingredient will often depend on the concentration. There are many products whose active ingredients are not compatible with vitamin C but they are at a low percentage, with the pH regulated and tested on sensitive skin and therefore can be used together with it. If in doubt always ask the brand or your dermatologist. For example, in the case of our Botanical Nude tonic , the percentage of lactic acid included in its formula allows it to be used together with vitamin C without causing irritation.

Here are some mix & matches in red or amber:

Vitamin C + Retinol - This combo can greatly irritate the skin, if used within the same routine. Solution? One in the morning, and one at night. If even so, your skin continues to feel irritated, space them even more.

Vitamin C + Exfoliating acids - Yes, buuut. Skin that has recently been exfoliated with an AHA or BHA will be more exposed, for better and worse. If your skin is very sensitive, it may become irritated: try little by little.

Vitamin C + Niacinamide - Niacinamide does not do well with a low pH, so if your vitamin C is formulated with a pH like this (3-3.5) it may cause some redness. In the case of Jui-C Glow serum, since its pH is similar to that of human skin, there would be no problem using it together with niacinamide.


A very high concentration of vitamin C does not mean that it is pure or stabilized. The proportion of the active ingredient in the formula is important, but it is also important that it is able to adequately penetrate the epidermis, does not corrupt and is bioavailable. If the concentration is too high or the vitamin C is not pure or stabilized , the cosmetic may be ineffective or even irritate the skin.


Vitamin C has a reputation for irritating the skin and there is some truth to this statement. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C in its purest form) has to be formulated at an acidic pH, around 3 - 3.5, below the pH of the skin, so that it remains as stable as possible for as long as possible. This can cause irritation to sensitive skin.

That is why vitamin C derivatives have been created that can be formulated at a pH similar to that of human skin without losing effectiveness or degrading . That is the case of Jui-C glow serum, which uses sodium ascorbic phosphate, formulated in the skin's pH range (5 - 5.5) so that it can be enjoyed by all skin types, even the most sensitive. And of course, it is dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

Do you still have any questions? Don't be afraid to send us a DM on Instagram or an email. We will be happy to help you!
Luminosity, unified tone, bye spots, hydration: including J ui-C Glow Serum in your routine will give you much healthier, more beautiful and protected skin .

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