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The roller coaster of starting your own business


Hello! Alex here. We are going to talk about the roller coaster of starting your own business and try to put together some tips for starting a female business.

Social networks show us a romantic idea of ​​entrepreneurship . And be careful, there is a lot of truth. All those videos of girls making their dreams come true have a certain basis, but what isn't said as much is how hard it is. So here I am throwing in a few tips for entrepreneurs , in case you consider starting a business in the near future. Let's go!

Do something you are passionate about

It may seem like a truism but if you are going to dedicate yourself to something with body and soul, you better be passionate about it. Think that you are going to be doing it eight hours a day , four days a week! And it doesn't have to be just one thing, you can have several interests that end up coming together in a project.

That's what happened to me: in Vera & the birds I brought together everything that fulfilled me: cosmetics, nature, slow life, illustration... sometimes the most unlikely mixtures can turn out well . And do you know why? because they are honest, because they are a reflection of who you are and because they come from the heart.

Do not give up

At least, not at the first bump. Along the way you will encounter a lot of obstacles and you have to learn to overcome them and not throw in the towel at the first opportunity. Working on resilience will be one of the entrepreneurs' priorities; the viability of our project will depend on the ability to recover . It's hard, but look on the bright side: those teachings will serve you throughout your life, also personally.

let it go

In the same way that I tell you that you have to persevere, also learn to let an idea or a line of business go when you see that it is not working. Don't dwell on ideas that are not destined to prosper and focus your energy on those that do. It's called optimizing, baby.


Alone is more difficult

And definitely more boring. Surround yourself with people who help you grow , who share your values ​​and your way of seeing business. They can be collaborators, partners or employees, but it is important that they help you make your project shine more and more.

The product in the center

The fact that you surround yourself with talent also applies to your suppliers, if you decide to make a product. Choose strategic manufacturing partners who will help you along the way. Your product is your treasure , your greatest asset, the beginning and end of your brand: it must be round. And that is difficult because products (much more cosmetics) have many facets that have to live in harmony, and sometimes they come into conflict.

For example, for sunscreen we were looking for a lighter container that would fit in the bag, but for that we would have had to go to plastic and that would have contradicted our sustainability value, so we opted for glass.

Be authentic

Your voice is more powerful than you think. It is the particularities that make us unique, and the public is already tired of seeing more of the same, of consuming speeches and products that are exact replicas of the one next to them. The audience is hungry for unique voices that speak with honesty and soul. It's like when we were teenagers and we tried to be like everyone else to fit into the group and be accepted . When you get older you realize that not only does it not make you stand out, it is also exhausting. Being yourself is your superpower and it is what people will look for in you and your brand.

Don't see them as mistakes

They are not mistakes, they are learning. Not only is making mistakes inevitable, but it is what allows you to learn and never trip over the same stone twice. Call it an accelerated master's degree in start-up administration and management.

I hope these seven tips on how to start a business can help you. It is an exciting path, very enriching and with which you will feel super fulfilled, but it is not without difficulty, so if these tips for entrepreneurs can help you even a little, I am happy.

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