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An eye pencil, three impact looks

Now, more than ever, the look is super important to express ourselves. With the use of masks we give special importance to the eyes , which is why the new makeup trends have focused precisely on them. We, for our part, also bet heavily on giving prominence to the look with our latest launch.

On February 7th our brand new Believe in black Vegan eye pencil sees the light of day. And you may be wondering what's so special about an eye pencil, there are many very good ones on the market.

We, as always, have decided to go one step further and have developed an innovative formula made with 100% natural ingredients with intense pigmentation and that allows even the most delicate eyes to put on makeup, since its skin compatibility is brutal. Forget about intense tearing or itching. If you wear contact lenses and are hesitant to wear makeup, we have very good news for you: we have also tested them on eyes with contact lenses, giving fantastic results. Sounds great right?

With each change of season comes a new, original and daring makeup trend . Little by little we can discover them on different fashion catwalks, editorials until they become commonplace even on the street... We bring you three more elaborate proposals than the classic outlined by the water line to be able to use our Believe in black Vegan eye pencil .

We start with the basic, also known as cat eye because it cuts the look and is very flattering on all types of eyes . It is clear that the classic cat eye will never go out of style and looks good on all occasions, but the trends point to making it a little more dramatic, marked and intense (without commemorating Amy Winehouse).

Do not be afraid and try to mark the line more to highlight your eyes. We recommend doing it with your arm supported to have a better pulse, calmly and with a concealer nearby in case it doesn't come out the first time. Remember that practice is the key!

Another trend suitable only for the most daring are negative space eyeliners . This type of makeup is undoubtedly a work of art, which is why it is easy to see them on red carpets or at photocalls worn by celebs who seek to make an impact, and without a doubt, with this eyeliner they achieve it.

With an iron pulse, the design of this eyeliner is elaborated on the eyelid and little by little it is perfected until we like the design. We recommend a lot of patience and practice so that the result is spectacular.

The latest trend is breaking Tik tok, it is the well-known reverse eyeliner , or inverted eyeliner. The big difference of this type is that it focuses on the lower part of the eyelash , creating the same effect that we would do with the classic eyeliner but leaving the lower area to be the protagonist of this look. The key is to smoke the line with a brush to get that more sophisticated touch.

These are our three proposals to be able to show off the most trending looks with our new release . Now we only have to ask you which of the three looks you will put into practice first. Remember to tag us, we don't want to miss your result!

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