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Ideal gifts for all budgets: Gift Guide XMas 2021-2022


Give a present It is not an easy task. First, you have to get into the skin of your favorite person, think carefully about what they may need or what will make them smile . And then it's time for the hardest part: finding that gift! Browse through the sea of ​​offers , stick to a budget and not be tempted to buy more. 

These Fiestas at Vera & the birds we are determined to make it very easy for you. We have made a selection of Christmas details for all tastes and budgets! In addition, you will have the peace of mind that you are not only giving incredible products, but also committed to the planet and those who inhabit it 🐰 This is our 2021-22 Gift Guide.

Remember that all orders go in their deer box and include a gift Christmas ornament.

It looks like a queen for less than €17

Who said you couldn't make amazing gifts with little money? With ideas as good as ours, you won't need to go counting coins to get to buy the perfect gift.

Our collection of solid cosmetics is ideal for making a zero waste gift: it is sustainable and it looks great. How about one of our solid shampoos , the exfoliating bar (it has a delicious cardamom, clove and ginger aroma! Our Botanical Nude tonic is also a super tempting option when it comes to making an effective, but cheap gift . Dahlia Dream lipstick or nail polishes are two great options. Not what you are looking for? Wait! Now comes the jackpot.

We also have great Christmas packs for less than €17 What sounds good? 'Relax, Refresh & Renew' is that unbeatable option: La vie en rose bath salts together with Pumice & Ginger exfoliating soap will do wonders for your senses. Are you looking for a 100% hit? Bet on the'Make a wish' pack, our vegan candle with matching illustrated matches, the most delicate and sensory whim this Christmas!

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Gifts between €18 and €30, the perfect balance!


Neither too much nor too little, the right investment for the ideal gift! We propose you a few infallible and super impressive gifts, without spending more.

You can opt for one of our star products: the Sublime eye serum , the Rescue me sleeping mask or the latest novelty, the SOS Eye cream . They are suitable for all skin types and are liked by everyone for their effectiveness and sensoriality.

You can also bet on the 'Grinch Masking' Christmas pack if you want to give away cosmetics, but you're going blind. This option is perfect for anyone! Multimasking is in fashion and nobody wants to miss it.

Enhancing the look is also a trend and that is why you can also count on giving away the Nature Muse Palette , a shadow palette that is on everyone's lips. With spectacular pigment , this versatile palette will make you look great when it comes to gifting.

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Selection 'I break my piggy bank for you'

If you are thinking of investing a little more for that special person, we have the best selection to give this Christmas. Whatever you are looking for, we have what you need here!

In this selection, everyone's right eye cannot be missing... 'Ho-Ho-Ho- & Bakuchiol' , such a wonderful gift that you will have to make a real effort not to keep it for yourself . With the Regenerating Night Cream and the Bakuchiol serum you will be giving away magic for your skin.

Another famous Christmas pack is 'Pre-Xmas Mood' . A careful selection of our best products to complement the facial routine of who you love the most . With the Micellar Gel, Botanical Nude Tonic and the fluffy Pro Reusable Makeup Remover Pads, you'll be right for sure!

Don't forget that you have the opportunity to give away everyone's favorite pack to say goodbye to the year in style: ' 2021 Farewell Celebration' .

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Mix & match

You can also make your own box. Remember that with all orders they include the deer box, with pink shavings and the novelty of this year: a Christmas decoration that you can plant and a chamomile plant will grow. Make your own box and choose several products to make up a brutal selection. For example:

Sleeping mask + winter Rooibos + artisan candle = give away a little bit of disconnection.

Bakuchiol serum + SOS Eye cream = for the skincare queen 

One of our vegan lacquers + semi-matte lipstick + palette + Makeup remover oil = for the makeup junkie

Now you have all the tricks to make impressive gifts, without leaving your credit card shaking. And remember! The most important factor in making a good gift will always be the desire and enthusiasm that is put into it.

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