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imperfect september

Productivity floods our daily lives. We have to be 100% at work, with our partner, with our children, at the gym... even on vacation we cannot 'waste time'. What's happening? September arrives with even more obligations , tremendous pressure to put our lives in order, set goals and fulfill ourselves without the slightest deviation. It is assumed that only then are you in line with the times and you will reach the nirvana of postmodernity.

But nothing to see. Having a full and happy life does not have to do with doing more things or achieving everything. Hyperproductivity, endless lists, self-imposed commitments and useless fads only put layers and layers of stress on us that prevent us from achieving our true goal : being satisfied, calm and present.

Here are some tips so that returning to routine is not a reason for pressure but quite the opposite:

  • Sleep. Sleep deprivation is the seed of a perfect vicious circle . You are tired = you have anxiety = you can't sleep. And so on infinitely. Find your hours of sleep, it doesn't have to be eight, but what is appropriate for you. Be careful, that means that you avoid screens two hours before going to bed. Minimum.
  • Do yoga because you want to do it and because it is beneficial for your health, not because September imposes it on you . There is no point in binging on the gym and then giving up the sport after two months. Habits must be continued over time to be effective.
  • Accept that we cannot be perfect. We don't even want to. We live in the era of constant dissatisfaction . Social networks push us to compare ourselves all the time, with everyone, generating levels of anxiety that are very difficult to manage. We are never successful enough or our lips are thick enough. But this desire to achieve a supposed perfection is a fallacy . In a time where nothing is ever enough, we must work on acceptance.
  • Fight inertia. Question the why of things. Why you buy what you buy, if you need that much or if your latest change of habit is really going to make you happier .
  • Simplify. When we apply 'less is more' our life improves.
  • Let it go. That friend who doesn't give you anything. That commitment that has you fried. 

With these tips we suggest you renew the energy of September. Without so many pressures. Encourage you to set out to do things that make you happy and to take this month slowly and in your own way.


¡Muchísimas gracias a ti Sara!

Vera and the Birds

Gracias por vuestra coherencia.


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