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SOS Night Cream, with Argireline®️ peptide to reduce wrinkles in 28 days

You liked the SOS Eye Cream eye contour so much that we couldn't leave you without a complement at its level.

SOS Night cream is a powerful night treatment that acts on the mechanism of wrinkle formation, reducing them and delaying their appearance. Its formula is loaded with 5% Argireline ® ️peptide, the first peptide against dynamic wrinkles ; and reinforced with ceramides to ensure the union of cells, restoring the skin barrier.

What makes it so special?

  • It contains 5% Argireline®️ peptide in its formulation, a botox-like hexapeptide capable of reducing wrinkle roughness by an average of 20.4% and up to 60% in just 28 days.
  • It has the presence of type III ceramides that help restore the barrier function of the most sensitive skin.
  • Rich texture but surprisingly easy to absorb, leaving the skin velvety and comfortable.
  • With kahai oil, one of the ingredients with the highest amount of naturally present retinol on the market.
  • Vegan and with 99.34% ingredients of natural origin.

Well-ageing products: When to use them

There is no precise age from which to introduce treatments aimed at delaying skin aging. Because each skin is different and aging is influenced by many external factors , called 'exposome'. Some of the elements that make up this exposome are:

  • Solar radiation
  • Pollution
  • Diet
  • Lack of sleep
  • Smoking

To this cocktail we add the role that our skin type plays. Dry skin, for example, will tend to show wrinkles sooner than oily skin. That's why we say that skin aging is not inextricably linked to our biological age : you can be 50 and barely have wrinkles and vice versa. Where you live, what you eat, whether you protect yourself from the sun or not and much more will help determine the appearance of your skin tomorrow.

Why do dynamic wrinkles appear?

All in all, although there is no exact biological age for our skin to begin to age, it is true that after 30 our levels of collagen, ceramides and hyaluronic acid begin to decrease considerably.

Wrinkles and expression lines are nothing more than the consequence of the constant repetitions we make with our gestures every day . When we laugh, sip coffee or get angry. We cannot (nor do we want to) eradicate these silent witnesses of all the things we have experienced. But we can blur them, how?

The key is to mitigate muscle contraction. As we get older, repetitions in facial expressions leave grooves on our face: the tension produced when the muscle contracts and extends finally causes the appearance of wrinkles.

The first peptide that reduces wrinkles

Ten years of research have managed to find a hexapeptide that reduces the release of the neurotransmitter that produces muscle contraction , thus relaxing the area, thus helping to make wrinkles less visible.

Is this hexapeptide the same as botox? No. Both - botulinum toxin and Argireline ® ️peptide - target the same protein complex. However, Argireline ® ️peptide acts topically on the same mechanism of wrinkle formation, but in a completely different way . While botulinum toxin paralyzes the muscle, Argireline ® ️peptide relaxes it.

With ceramides and kahai oil

The Argireline®️ peptide that we have included in the formula of the new SOS Night Cream does not work alone. We have added all the power of ceramides , great protectors of our skin barrier, and kaha i oil , naturally rich in retinol, squalene and vitamins E and F.

When and in what order do I apply it?

It is at night when our skin regenerates, that is why we must help it with products that enhance this phase and help in the cell renewal process. The new SOS Night cream is the last step in this nighttime routine, after the double cleansing, toner, contour and serum.

This could be the perfect well-aging routine for the night:

  1. Pink Jelly + 2. Foaming facial cleanser + 3. Botanical nude tonic + 4. Bakuchiol Serum + 5. SOS Eye cream + 6. SOS Night cream.


What an insightful read! Thank you for sharing valuable information about Argireline peptide and its benefits in reducing wrinkles. Your blog post beautifully elucidates the science behind skincare ingredients, empowering readers to make informed choices for healthier skin. Keep up the excellent work!


Hola Eva.

Nuestra cosmética es apta durante embarazo y lactancia, así podrías usarla sin ningún problema. Al aplicar la Sos Eye Cream en el contorno de ojos no sería necesario aplicar también la Night Cream en dicha zona.

Un abrazo. ❤️

Vera and the Birds

Hola, ¿se puede usar en embarazo y lactancia? ¿Si uso primero el eye cream puedo poner está crema también en el contorno? Gracias


¡Hola Juan! ¡Qué alegría tu comentario! Es fantástico que la Sos Eye Cream os esté encantando, es un productazo. 😍

¡Si te apetece puedes escribir una review sobre la misma en nuestra web!

Un abrazo. ♥

Vera and the Birds



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