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New SPF, unique in its kind: protects, colors and treats

High-spectrum sunscreen with mineral filters from Vera & the birds

We already said it once: 'Until we find the perfect SPF, we won't release it.' If we did it, we had to do it in ten, like all Vera & the birds products. Well, the day has arrived. After years of research we have found the perfect product :Silk Defense Tinted sunscreen SPF 40+ , a photoprotector with triple action: it protects the skin against photoaging and sunburn thanks to its broad-spectrum mineral filter , while giving the skin a subtle touch of color and treats it with emollient and antioxidant active ingredients.

First thing first , a little context, why did there have to be a plot of land in Vera & the birds? Photoprotection is the first commandment in the beauty bible . Solar radiation is responsible for skin hyperpigmentation, the appearance of wrinkles, loss of firmness, sunburn and - unfortunately - even serious pathologies such as skin cancer.

That is to say, you can use all the creams in the universe, without SPF your effort will be worthless. Our catalog was incomplete without a sunscreen, we were aware. But what you may not know is that manufacturing a sunroof with a mineral filter is - firstly - difficult, very difficult and secondly, expensive.

Why is it so difficult to make a good mineral SPF?

The first thing you should keep in mind is that physical or mineral filters act by creating a barrier on the skin that reflects radiation, preventing it from penetrating. This shield leaves a layer of white called whitecast that makes our face vaguely remind us of Casper. In other words, it usually has a skin finish that is not very cosmetic so to speak and is the main problem that laboratories face when formulating them.

The texture is also a good challenge. Mineral filters tend to be very greasy or have a pasty texture , which does not help them feel good.

No less important is how rigorous the formulation process of a photoprotector is, which culminates in several tests, including an in vitro test and an in vivo test to determine the protection factor against UVA rays in the first place and the of sun protection against UVB radiation in the second.

With everything we have told you, it seems like an impossible mission, right? Difficult yes, but nothing impossible. We have managed to overcome (and with flying colors!) all those challenges and create the SPF of your dreams . You can now have Silk Defense Tinted sunscreen SPF 40+ in your hands, the broad-spectrum sunscreen that also evens out your skin tone with a beautiful veil of color while it treats it.

Will the SPF color suit me?

We have added a touch of color to our mineral filter that feels wonderful. It is a medium tone of a beautiful, very versatile peachy nude that blends into the skin as soon as we start working with it.

We have selected a tone that is as universal as possible so that it could adapt to the greatest diversity of skin types, from light skin, like that of our beloved Rocío, the image of the campaign, to medium or darker tones. However, darker skin types may notice that the color is 1 or 2 shades below their skin tone. This has an easy solution : we can touch up with a little foundation of our exact tone or use some bronzing powder.

Skin with sunscreen with color applied

Does a tinted SPF offer the same protection as a non-tinted one?

Absolutely yes . But you have to apply the required amount to be well photoprotected, that is: the measure of two fingers of product (longitudinal) or the equivalent of 1.25 ml. A common mistake is to apply the same amount of tinted sunscreen as we would apply if it were a makeup base. And it is not equivalent.

Is it suitable for any skin type?

Yes, the product is indicated for all skin types : dry, oily, combination and normal. Of course, if your skin is very oily, it is possible that the texture will be a little greasy too, as is the case with any SPF.

Two girls with different skin types with a tinted sun cream applied to their skin.

If your skin is sensitive, you can also use it without problem. It is dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and contains soothing active ingredients such as jojoba. Furthermore, with mineral filters the risk of allergies is minimal.

How often do I have to reapply it?

As with any photoprotector, every two hours or whenever you need it . If you have sweated or gotten into water, you may need to reapply within two hours. Spread a generous amount of product over your face and massage with gentle circular movements , and don't forget your neck and décolleté!

Is it suitable for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers?

The sunscreens used in this cosmetic, being physical and not chemical, are not recommended during pregnancy, so they can be used without problem.

Still life with Vera & the birds products for a complete day routine

You really want to have the new Silk Defense Tinted sunscreen SPF 40+ in your hands, right? Well, you can now get it on our website and sign up for the newsletter for news!


¡Hola Lina! Puedes comprar nuestros productos en la web y recogerlos en nuestro estudio en el centro de Elche. Tienes que elegir la opción recogida en oficina. 😋 Un abrazo.

Vera and the Birds

Soy de Elche y en los sitios de elena me pareció ver en una historia que decía que si eres de Elche te puedes ahorrar los gastos de envío. Si es así dónde puedo encontrar el nuevo producto de lanzamiento?
Gracias, un saludo


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