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go to sleep early today

It's Thursday. It's only been four days since the weekend but you have the impression that you haven't slept since Christmas. Each day seems to accumulate with the next to form a huge ball of sleep, rheum and bad mood . Yes, the work, the children, the gym, the rush, everything adds up and everything favors that with each passing day you are made a fig. But let's be honest, going to bed at half past twelve and the alarm clock going off at seven doesn't help much either.

So today I propose something to you. How long has it been since you went to bed early? Of that you say it and do it for real, I mean. Go to sleep early today. Give it your eight hours for one day, or seven if you want to haggle. Take the test and follow these steps. Tell me tomorrow.

1. Clean and fresh

Nothing like a relaxing shower to go to sleep calm and refreshed. Now that it's starting to get hot, be brave and take a shower with lukewarm water , you'll feel much lighter. Apply a body cream that has a subtle scent and that gives you a feeling of comfort. The soft aroma of jasmine with the spicy touch of ginger in the Vera & the birds body lotion will help you create an atmosphere of calm and intimacy. When you finish, dress fresh! The time for summer nightgowns has finally arrived.

2. Have a quick and light dinner

Here's another golden rule to rest better: Don't go crazy before bed and try to eat dinner at least two hours before going to bed. Heavy digestions prevent a good rest, so say goodbye to fried foods, salt and carbohydrates and forget about alcohol! Give free rein to salads, vegetable creams, white meats or grilled fish. Magnesium-rich foods can help you sleep better. Find them in pumpkin seeds, almonds or flax seeds.

End your dinner with a relaxing or digestive infusion. If you are one of those who -like me- make several visits to the bathroom during the night, make yourself half a cup instead of a whole one.

3. Your facial routine, without looking at the clock

Do not be in a hurry to finish your facial routine: these are one of the few minutes that you dedicate to you and only you. Do you believe in the power of aromatherapy? The lavender essential oil in our regenerating cream will help you fall asleep faster and have a better quality of sleep.

4. Off mobile

Blue light from screens interferes with the natural production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Remember that the next time you feel the irrepressible urge to go on Instagram at midnight. From ten o'clock at night, mobile phones out!

5. Read

Do you have in your hand the infusion that you have prepared before? Well, take it sip by sip while you read a good book. Reading before bed reduces stress and promotes sleep.

If you don't know where to start, try “Hygge” : it's perfect for savoring small bites of calm and happiness every day.

6. Just before bed

Before sleeping, make sure the bedroom is ventilated and tidy. The light has to be very dim or turned off completely in order not to send the wrong signals to your brain. Finally, hydrate your lips and hands . There is nothing more annoying than the feeling of tight lips when you are trying to fall asleep . Turn off the light - if it was on - and breathe. Because we haven't talked about that yet but the trick to hitting the “off” button in your brain is to breathe and let your thoughts slowly fade away. Good night!

These are some ideas that work for me when I have the courage to put them into practice. Tell me in the blog comments which ones work for you!


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Buenos días,
Bueno, a ver, ayer te envié un sms en instagram diciendote que yo suelo irme pronto a la cama. De hecho me meto en la cama literalmente hablando antes de las 22h seguro, pero que pasa, pues que entonces me pongo a alcahuetear las redes sociales jajajajaja pero a ver para mi es una manera de conciliar el sueño, en serio. Normalmente también me pongo videos de youtube sobre temas que me gustan ver, por ejemplo, el got talent britànico o de algún otro país en donde hay verdadera gente que es una pasada haciendo lo que hace, sin menos preciar el nuestro (por ahi fuera hay mucha gente con mucho talento).

En fin, que me voy por las ramas, que si, que quizá intente seguir las pautas que descibres en el blog pero no te lo aseguro ;)


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