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This winter take care of your hands, you only have two!

The cold, the snow and the hydroalcoholic gels are not helping us to have soft, silky and hydrated hands. At Vera & the birds we want to help you stop suffering every time you apply the hydroalcoholic gel when entering the supermarket or any other place. If it stings, it's because your hands are desperately asking you for help! (Unless you have a cut or wound).

Don't worry ! With these tips you can recover them in a jiffy.

Opt more for soap and water

It's almost an addiction. Hydroalcoholic gels have entered our lives and many of us are obsessed with them. We apply and reapply these gels every five minutes on our hands. A non-stop!

Definitely! Washing our hands so frequently and the endless use of hydroalcoholic gel causes dryness, redness, and cracks in our hands. Be sure to use soaps with emollient active ingredients like coconut or olive oil to keep your skin hydrated. Orange Blossom Soap and Pink Grapefruit Soap will be ideal for carrying out this task !

It is also important that you do not forget to reapply your cream frequently. The organic babassu seed oil in our Ultra Rich Hand Cream will take care of it.

Turn your hand moisturizer into your very shadow

Don't even think about parting with her! In the bag, in the sports backpack, in the car, in the office... Wherever you go, she must go with you . In this way, you will never forget to put it on ;)

A trick that we put into practice is to always leave a hand moisturizer on the nightstand (oh wow, how original) and ANOTHER one at the entrance of the house. Because? Because once you get home and wash your hands, you won't have to use hydroalcoholic gel again or subject your hands to more cold. It will be the perfect time to pamper them and give them the love they deserve. Put it into practice and you will see!

Improvise a hand mask

Tonight when you're reading a book or hooked on the Bridgertons, take the opportunity to make yourself a hand mask. Do you have a pair of latex gloves at home? Super! Soak your hands well with the Ultra Rich Hand cream (but good, good) and put on your gloves. Hold with them for a long time and notice how the active ingredients in the cream penetrate your skin and repair it.

Bonus trick? Add a few drops of Super Seed Oil to the hand cream . The organic jojoba, evening primrose and cumin oils will provide the softness and hydration that your hands ask for so much. And looking younger!

Don't wait until it's too late, moisturize your hands before they feel dry!

It is clear that it is better late than never and that if our hands are already damaged, any moment will be a good time to give them a break. However, the real trick is to anticipate events. Apply your moisturizer before you notice them tight and dry!

If you keep your hands hydrated at all times, you will manage to have them perfect, no matter how cold and windy it is. Are you going to go to sleep? Hydrates. Did you just take a shower? Hydrates. Do you want to smell mango? Moisturize with the Ultra Rich Hand Cream . Its fruity aroma will take you to the very Caribbean!

Your hands get old too. Why don't we give them the attention they deserve?

It could be said that it is the part of our body that we look at ourselves the most unconsciously. They are always doing something. They work, work and work... and we forget about them. If we take care of our face, why not our hands?

These, over the years, are the first to show off wrinkles, dehydration and sun spots. Keeping them nourished daily will keep them looking dazzling for years to come. Hydration and SPF will be the essential combo to keep them soft and looking young.

Trick! When you apply sunscreen to your face in the morning (hopefully every morning ), grab whatever is left over and smooth it over your hands. Nothing is thrown away here!

Now you no longer have excuses to abandon the care of your hands. Every time you apply hydroalcoholic gel and feel how it irritates your hands, remember us and why you have to hydrate them!

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