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5 plans to do this Christmas (without leaving home)

This Christmas seems a little weirder than usual... The usual moments and traditions are not going to happen this year. Is a reality! We are aware of this and we have prepared some other alternative so that you can also enjoy these dates.

As you well know, at Vera & the birds we want to wish you a #Merryselfcare despite not having the plans we all want.

Alone or with company, we are going to propose 5 plans to do this Christmas. We promise they'll look great on you!

Allow yourself to do nothing at all

We don't always have to be the most productive people in the world. That's clear! Take advantage of these dates to slow down and allow yourself moments to stay in your pajamas at home and let your imagination run wild. Being bored is so underrated!

Cook (tea) something delicious

Enjoying a moment of fun, preparing something delicious is a plan of ten for this Christmas. You keep your mind busy with a creative, rewarding and super rich task!

Take the opportunity to listen to your favorite podcast while you cook your favorite recipe and let the house be flooded with the rich aroma of the kitchen. Sounds good, right?

If you are lacking creativity, on this website they have very cool ideas. And vegan!

Take the opportunity to enhance your most creative self

Have you tried making a wish tree ? We all have our eyes well set on 2021 and it's no wonder! Hang your wishes and those of yours on a beautiful handmade tree. You can use a real one you have in the yard or create your own with cardboard and recycled paper.

Knitting is in! Make yourself the warmest scarves and collars you've ever seen. A relaxing, creative and engaging practice. Who knows, you might end up creating a great Christmas present...

Practice your facial routine without rushing

Mindfulness is on everyone's lips . And is not for less! It helps combat stress, increases the ability to concentrate and favors creativity . In addition, we can apply this great practice to any area of ​​our lives, even in our skincare routine !

On these dates you will have more time, there are no excuses! Try, even for once, to carry out your facial routine step by step, enjoying each and every one of the sensations that the products give you. The softness of the make-up remover discs , the aroma of the Regenerating Night Cream Finish off by lighting your Time to bloom candle and you will enjoy that special little time like never before.

Call your loved ones (it will do you great)

OK. We can't hold large gatherings around these dates... But why don't we spend a moment with our loved ones? Many times we get immersed in our routine and completely forget about those people who are by our side. Picking up the phone may seem tedious, but it's worth it!

In addition, we continue to have Skype, Zoom, and other tools for making video calls . We promise that if you make a glass of wine with your friends through a screen, it will not be the same, but you will continue to laugh with them like never before.

In these strange Christmases we are going to bet on self-care and pampering. Finding time for yourself is very difficult throughout the year, so shall we start now? 😉

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