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The keys to show off perfect nails

Now more than ever is the time to show off beautiful , well-cared and colorful hands . The good weather is coming and the colors return to our wardrobe, we want to bring joy to our looks and on top of that we have our new vegan nail lacquers at hand . The time is now!

Today we want to give you our best kept tricks to show off well-cared, beautiful and colorful nails.

Moisturizes, hydrates and hydrates again

There is no use having the perfect manicure if we have our cuticles asking for help. First rule! It is totally forbidden to cut the cuticles. Our proposal? Easy! Push your cuticles with an orange stick and moisturizing oil . You can do it with our Super Seed Oil .

File your nails in the same direction

Yes, we have always seen in our favorite series and movies the femme fatale of the moment filing her nails with a nervous gesture to one side and the other. Well no! When you pass the file you should always do it in the same direction .

Because? Very easy. If you want to prevent them from flaking and breaking in two days, you should stop doing it. Remember! To the right or to the left but never in both directions .

Yes, there is a method to paint your nails well

If you also paint your nails as well as you can and more than once you end up getting off the edge and staining half your finger, the one next door and the neighbor's, welcome! You are not alone 🙋🏼‍♀️

We have a new mantra for painting our nails at home as well as possible: thin, even coats . Do not take too much or too little polish, start in the center and extend the brush to the end of the nail. Help yourself with the bristles of the brush to reach the ends et voilà!

The important thing here is that you do it in one go , without hesitating! This way the lacquer will look uniform on the nail. With two layers you will have more than enough, especially if it is with our Vegan Nail Polish . A nail lacquer with good coverage will be essential!

Every time you rip off your nail polish, a manicurist cries inside

If you thought that taking care of your nails only had to do with the part before painting them, you are wrong! Many of us do everything that needs to be done to have ten nails and then we throw it all away with this hateful mania: ripping off our nail polish .

Where to start? Let's just say that every time you scratch the lacquer, a part of your nail goes with it! In addition, this causes your nails to look more irregular, with small cracks and scratches that will no longer go away.

If our great friend science has invented specific products to remove enamel , why don't we use them? Let's give our poor nails some love. Take the test and you will see how they last much longer!

Pretty hands and nails in equal parts

As they say out there you have to share the loves . We cannot take care of our nails as if they were the most pampered and then leave our hands at the mercy of the cold and hydroalcoholic gels.

Remember to hydrate your hands daily . Our Ultra Rich Hand Cream will be your number one ally for this task. Its rich aroma of mango will take you to the idyllic beaches of the Caribbean. Love it!

Extra tip! Give your cuticles a good dose of nutrition and hit them every time you apply your hand moisturizer.

Now it's your turn to show off some scandalous nails . With our Vegan Nail Polish you will do nothing but look at your hands!

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