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Double cleaning: what it is and what benefits it has

Here is the first commandment of skincare: there is no healthy skin without deep cleansing. And the most effective way to do it is through double cleansing, a skincare ritual imported from Korea that goes much further - it is light years away, in fact - than a little soap and water. Take note because if you don't know it yet, it will change your skin forever.

Double cleansing is a method to eliminate all traces of the impurities that we accumulate during the day. It is therefore carried out at night and consists of two steps.

Step 1. Product with oil phase . It is a cosmetic with a high lipid content, such as an oil or butter, and it is responsible for 'trapping' the day's dirt (remnants of sun protection, makeup, grease, pollution).

Step 2. Product with aqueous phase . It would be a cleansing gel , a mousse or a micellar water. It is usually formulated with mild surfactants and is responsible for cleaning and removing dirt.

Pink Jelly Cleansing balm: the perfect first step

It is clear to us that there is no beauty without double cleansing, an unavoidable step that will allow our skin to stay healthy and beautiful for longer. For this reason, it seemed essential to us to formulate a product that perfectly fulfilled this essential task: a gentle but effective cleanser , with an incredible texture and that would be zero laziness to use.

That's why we have created the first step of our dreams, the Pink Jelly Cleansing balm , a makeup removing balm loaded with botanical oils and butters perfect for leaving skin soft, fresh and pristine. 

We wanted a very sensory product that would be a delight to use, which is why we have formulated it with a sublime jelly-to-milk texture, a rich gelatin that emulsifies a soft cleansing milk . If we had to define it in one sentence, it would be: a citrus sorbet full of active ingredients to cleanse your face effectively and respectfully. Sounds fantastic right? Well wait until you try it.

Double cleansing is fair and necessary, but sometimes questions arise about how to do it or its compatibility with certain skin types. Therefore, below we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about it.

First step with aqueous phase: Why won't it work?

A classic mistake is to use a product whose base does not contain lipids in the first step. The problem with this is that it is precisely the oils that are responsible for trapping impurities , therefore two cleansers without lipids simply will not work. With a product that is only in the aqueous phase, you will not be able to clean residues that contain oil, such as SPF or your favorite lipstick. Only by combining two types of cleaners can you obtain a total and effective cleaning.

If I don't wear makeup, do I have to double cleanse?

Yes, because not only is makeup classified as dirt: it is also pollution, sweat, sunscreen, dirt from the day... and all of that is not going to go away (at least not correctly) just by pouring a little water and soap on it. . A makeup remover butter will be responsible for getting into the pore and cleaning thoroughly.

Should I do the double cleansing in the morning?

If we have carried out the double cleaning at night, when we get up it will not be necessary to do a thorough cleaning. Washing your face with your usual cleanser will be enough , since the skin will be practically clean, we will only have accumulated some grease, sweat and remains of cosmetics that we have applied the night before. These residues can be easily removed with a good aqueous phase cleaner.

I have oily skin, will an oil product make me more oily?

If your skin is oily, even more so you should do double cleansing. Oily skin produces excess sebum that will only be adequately removed with an oil phase product, which will penetrate better into the pore , keeping it cleaner for longer.

There is a myth that this skin type should not see oil even in paint. It is totally false. There are many oils and oil combinations that are suitable for oily skin. In addition, this is a rinse-off product, that is, it rinses off; all the more reason not to be afraid of it: it will come, do its job and leave.


¡Hola Eva! Puedes usar ambos productos como primer y segundo paso en la doble limpieza para desmaquillar rostro y ojos. Siempre debemos evitar que el producto entre dentro del ojo como cualquier cosmético, pero podrías usarlos perfectamente. Un saludo.

Vera and the Birds

Buenos días,
Me gustaría saber si estos productos de doble limpieza (pink jelly cleansing balm y foaming facial cleanser ) sirven también para desmaquillar los ojos (rímel) o hay algún otro producto más específico para ello.
Muchas gracias!

Eva Mª Jiménez Mugarza

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