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Vera & the birds' first sustainable fashion collection

(Photo with Giulia)

You really didn't expect this one, right?

On June 10, Giulia's closet, Vera & the birds' first fashion collection, will be released . You guessed it, I named it after my youngest daughter, who had a thorn in her side about having named the brand after her older sister. It had to be compensated. Jokes aside, Giulia is an explosion of creativity and has an innate taste for beauty and fashion (you can't imagine the outfits she makes herself), it seemed most logical to me to name this collection after her.

I have always wanted a brand that not only sold cosmetics, but that was capable of containing an entire universe where you could be yourself. Therefore, between serums and creams you can find a rooibos that reminds you of the apple pie that your grandmother made or the most delicious-smelling candle , for your endless afternoons of reading.

In fact, you may not know it but before launching Vera & the birds as such, I sold pieces of ceramic jewelry, made by me. Look what a pipiola:


Something I have always wanted to do is a textile collection, transforming my illustrations into delicate prints that will brighten your days . But there has always been a big problem: the enormous amounts of stock that have to be produced and the waste that this causes.

A global problem

Surplus stock is the great Achilles heel of the fashion world.
For large fashion companies it is more profitable to overproduce. However, this causes overproduction that has devastating environmental consequences: around 30% of clothing is thrown away without being sold .

Every year, 92 million tons of textile waste are generated, which end up in landfills around the world.

And I didn't want to be part of that.

(Photo collection)

The solution: manufacturing on demand

Thank goodness that times change and solutions emerge in the market to eliminate the great problem of overstock: on-demand manufacturing. We have found a perfect tool that allows us to create the product when you ask for it.

The order is only processed when the purchase has been made. In this way, we are contributing to eliminating overproduction and generating less waste , two of the great challenges facing the fashion industry today.

Why are you going to love her?

We have already talked about how positive on-demand fashion is for the planet, but in case you have any doubts, here we give you more reasons why you will love Giulia's closet

Great quality. Another requirement for creating a fashion collection was the quality of the product. Not only because we had to give you the best but also because the higher the quality, the longer the product lasts and the less we feed the perverse wheel of fast fashion. Our supplier performs durability, wash and wear tests to ensure that they will last in perfect condition for a long time.

Inclusivity. If we had created a collection in the traditional way, with the minimums set by the industry, we would not have been able to cover all the sizes we wanted and therefore we would have had to leave out sizes. Thanks to the fact that the garments are manufactured on demand, we are proud to say that we have sizes from XS to 3XL or 6XL in some cases. Thus, we can continue to fly the flag of inclusivity, something that is burned into the DNA of Vera & the birds

Proximity manufacturing. Under no circumstances did we want to go and manufacture in China. We were looking for a supplier that manufactured near us, so that the garments did not have to travel half a globe to reach your hands. So we are happy to say that practically 100% of the items are manufactured, tailored, printed and embroidered in Europe. For example, all printed items are printed and made in Latvia, a country with a long textile tradition.

Work ethics and fair trade. Together with our supplier, we guarantee decent working conditions for those who produce our garments. Thanks to a strict code of conduct from our supplier, we ensure a safe and healthy work environment, as well as fair wages that allow workers to support their families.

Free shipping and no CO2 footprint. We cover the shipping costs of any item in the Giulia's Closet collection, and we also offset the CO2 emissions generated by each order. Part of these costs will be used to finance projects that contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.

The result? Unique pieces, for everyone, with designs that catch the eye and committed to the planet

This system has some drawbacks: since these are custom-made items, they cannot be returned or exchanged, unless it is due to a factory defect, in which case we would return you a new product without problem. If you are afraid of making a mistake with the size, in the product sheets we have a Size Guide and a video on how not to make a mistake with your size. You are sure to get it right!

We will not be able to give a discount on this collection either: our margin on these products is very low and we would not earn anything. We hope you understand! The rest of Vera's products will of course continue to enjoy discounts from time to time.

Shipments take a little longer: remember that it is being manufactured expressly for you. But you'll see that it's worth the wait. You can check the shipping policy here.

I hope you enjoy Giulia's closet as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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