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6 Reasons You'll Love Antioxidant Face Oil (and 'Q&A' ​​Section!)

vera and th birds facial oil

Are trendy. You see them everywhere: in magazines, on Instagram, in the cute perfumery on the corner. But it is not very clear to you what they are for. Facial oil has become a 'must' for skin that needs to look juicy but its use is not always very clear. Today we are going to inundate you with reasons why Vera & the birds antioxidant facial oil is going to become your new favorite this Fall . And, you will also find a question and answer section where you will shed light on all your doubts.

    • Because it's the best night treatment 'ever'. The antioxidant facial oil has been formulated to be a night treatment because, in addition to fulfilling the functions of a (very) good night cream, it has an incomparable "plus" of nutrition and comfort. Three of its main active ingredients are organic jojoba, evening primrose and black cumin vegetable oils enriched with vitamin E which, together with organic turmeric macerate, help protect and repair the skin barrier, redensify the skin and blur fine lines.
    • Because a few drops is enough. It is so powerful that you will achieve amazing effects with just a little bit of product. And we all know that beauty-saving is important.
    • Because it is an intensive cure for skin that screams for help . It is like a shock therapy for those skins that suffer from severe dehydration or that are severely punished by environmental aggressions, for example in very cold climates. A day and night treatment can make the causes (and consequences) of damaged or dehydrated skin disappear: the oil will repair the area in question and create a thin film to prevent future damage. Even if you have a little eczema or redness, continued use of a few drops of the antioxidant facial oil on the area can make it disappear.
    • Because it prepares the skin like no other. The facial oil acts as a serum. Or pre-base . Spread a few drops on your skin and massage well until completely absorbed. Once the product is integrated, your skin will receive anything you put on it in a very different way. You will be more prepared, receptive and better integrated. For example, if you use the facial oil as a 'primer', that is, as a gnaw-base before applying makeup, the skin will be much more hydrated, the base will set better and it will be more integrated with your skin.
    • Because mixed with your usual beauty products, it enhances its function. A drop in your creams and the benefits of both treatments multiply.
    • Because it is one of the most versatile 'beauty' products on the market. We have already seen some of its (surprising) functions. But the thing does not end there. You can carry it in your bag to apply 'touch ups' when you feel that your skin is dull. Use it as a lip primer so that they are much more voluptuous when you apply the lipstick. Or use it at will to add a 'glow' touch to your cheekbones.

    face oil for dry or combination skin

    Questions and answers about antioxidant face oil

    I'm new to facial oil, how do I start using it?

    Little by little :-) The main fear is that the product will be greasy, but it won't if used properly. Start by applying it at night, in a small amount, so the next day you can see the result without fear. As you feel more confident, you can increase the amount of product and even use it for the functions that we have explained before.

    What skin is it indicated for?

    The antioxidant facial oil is indicated for dry, normal or combination skin.
    If you have oily or acne-prone skin, this product will surely not work for you. Oily skin receives too many lipids when we treat it with oils, gel and oil-free textures work better for it.

    Do I use it in the morning or at night?

    The oil is designed to replace your night treatment, since the nutritive power of the oils is very high, becoming our trump card against lack of luminosity and loss of elasticity. But, once you have included it in your night routine, you will see how your skin is crying out for it at other beauty moments. Dare to use it as a serum or mixed with your day cream.

    If I have combination skin, won't it make me greasy?

    No, it shouldn't. On the right type of skin, the oil provides nutrients, but it does not have to be greasy . In addition, this product contains organic jojoba oil, which regulates sebaceous production. Give your skin some time to get used to it and start applying it at night. You will see what juicy skin you have in the morning!

    Can I mix it with other products?

    You can and you should! The facial oil will enhance the action of your creams , enriching them and multiplying their effects.

    Is this facial oil photosensitizing?

    Absolutely. You can use it without fear even if you are going to be exposed to the sun. Yes, with or without oil, always protected with a high protection factor!

    Can I use it during my pregnancy and lactation?

    There is no problem. It is perfectly suitable for pregnant and lactating mothers.

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    ¡Hola, Celia!

    La zona del contorno de ojos es una zona delicada, por lo que siempre recomendamos que se usen productos específicos para la zona de los ojos. Y por tanto, no sería indicado para ello.
    El aceite facial antioxidante, puede mezclarse con cualquier crema facial de Vera and the birds.
    Un saludo.

    Vera and the birds

    Queria saber si se aplica en el contorno de ojos. Y que productos vuestros se puede mezclar con este aceite. Gracias.


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