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Guide to gifting (and getting it right) this Christmas

Giving as a gift may seem complicated but in reality it is not at all, if you know how. Today I bring you a Guide with tips for a beautiful gift and that you get 100% right . This Christmas you are going to give gifts to your favorite people without having to ask for a gift ticket.

In addition, we have made two selections of gifts according to the budget you have: Gifts for less than 30 euros for small Christmas details or gifts from invisible friends; And if you have a little more budget, Ideas to give away from €30 euros. 

Let's go with the tips !

1. Give more importance to detail than to the great gift

We love being gifted, that's a fact. But the good thing about it is that we like the act itself. Humans (with some exceptions) give more importance to the detail itself than to the content that they are giving us . It is what the gift implies that matters to us, the message we receive: 'I care about you, I have thought of you'.

Therefore, do not break your head with extra-expensive gifts for these holidays, what really counts is that you have remembered that person .

2. Look for the emotional component

We are beings of emotions and even the smallest detail has an emotional nuance for us. Find in the perfect gift for that special person that touch that reminds them of something and that makes them tingle in their guts.

Perhaps your grandmother put sachets of lavender in your ironed clothes and that aroma reminds you of love, of home. Give him a product that smells like this wonderful flower, so that it brings back beautiful memories every night, such as the regenerating night cream with a natural aroma of lavender and ginger.

3. Investigate what you need

There is nothing worse than receiving a gift that you don't know what use to give it. The cherimoya face that sticks with you is Filipino fine. Before buying something for someone, make sure of at least one of these three things : that she needs it, that it is suitable for her or that she is very excited about it.

If it is about cosmetics, find out beforehand what she likes and, above all, what her skin type is. If you can't figure it out for whatever reason, at Vera & the birds we have plenty of cute products that are almost impossible to go wrong with. For example, the 'Baby it's cold outside' Christmas Pack .

4. Up the sensations

Life is hard enough as it is, so sweeten it up a bit with gifts packed with evocative aromas, enveloping textures and surprising results. By giving, for example, the 'Glowing Skin' Pack , you are giving that loved one not only a few products out of ten, but also the possibility of giving themselves a moment of care and pampering , comfort and softness, even a boost in self-esteem! Give away things that make us stronger, happier and more beautiful inside and out.

5. Bet on gifts that have a soul, that are sustainable and 'made in Spain'

Because to give away we look for unique objects, made with love and very personal. If you can, they also cause the least possible impact on their environment , that they are respectful of nature and that no harm has been inflicted on any animal to manufacture them. And as an extra bonus, that they have been produced in Spain , to encourage local development and support for small producers or artisans.

6. The perfect complement

Always, always, always accompany any gift with a hug. It is the perfect complement and the best medicine that exists.

I hope these tips have been useful to you.

Remember that giving is an art in which empathy is probably the main ingredient. Put yourself in the shoes of the person to whom you are going to give a gift, choose gifts that have a soul and that speak between the lines.

And above all, give a gift with love, because ultimately, what matters to all of us in the end is the bond between the people who give each other a gift .

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