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5 reasons why green tea is the most

Green Tea

Tea is a drink native to China and India, where it has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal properties. This wonderful infusion has gained followers over the years in the West due to the inexhaustible source of health benefits. Did you know that after water, it is the most consumed drink in the world?

All types of tea have gained popularity in recent times, although it is true that green tea is one of the most consumed due to its positive effects on our body.

I am sure that you have heard a thousand times about the properties of tea and how beneficial it is for our health, you probably already know its effects as an ally to lose weight. However, green tea is much more than that and I am going to reveal why.

Today, with this post, I want to explain the five definitive reasons why you are going to love this infusion.

1. It is a powerful antioxidant

Green tea is not subjected to an oxidation process like other types of tea and is, along with white tea, one of the least processed varieties of all. For this reason, it maintains most of the antioxidants and polyphenols that are good for our body.

The bioactive components found in the tea leaves reach the final drink once the leaves are boiled and strained. These components contain large amounts of nutrients that are a treasure for health. Some of them are polyphenols such as flavonoids and catechins that have important antioxidant effects.

What are the almighty antioxidants and what role do they play in our health?

Antioxidants are chemical compounds that our body uses to help us eliminate free radicals, which are highly reactive substances that cause cell oxidation and accelerate the aging process. They are also the cause of some diseases.

Incorporating this delicious drink into your daily life will help shield your body against free radicals , protecting cells and molecules from their harmful effects.

Translation: we delay cellular aging, our body is detoxified from harmful substances and we prevent certain types of diseases, we are going to protect ourselves much better from harmful agents that reach our body and we will be healthier than a pear.

green tea in teapot

2. It puts our brain in shape

It improves the performance of our brain and favors productivity thanks to the right amount of caffeine it contains.

Caffeine is a well-known stimulant that helps us stay awake, improves mood, increases vigilance, favors memory and reduces response time, however an excess of this substance can induce a state of nervousness. Therefore, the best thing to do is to adjust the amount of tea depending on how the effect of caffeine affects each person.

Tea is a good alternative for those who do not want to drink a lot of caffeine , since a cup of this infusion contains on average half as many exciting active substances as a cup of coffee.

It also contains an amino acid called L-theanine that has an anti-anxiety effect and increases dopamine. There are studies that show that caffeine and L-theanine combined are a particularly potent tandem for improving brain function.

So if we are looking for a drink that will keep us clear and help us deal with our working days, green tea is a great option due to its fair content of theine or caffeine. Did you know that caffeine is the same as theine? The only difference is where we find it: tea or coffee.

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3. Improves our oral health

There are numerous studies that show that green tea can eliminate bacteria and viruses, a fact that, in the time in which we live, with all the colds and flu swarming in the environment, is very welcome.

Among the many antioxidants that are present in this drink, one for this purpose called catechin stands out. This extraordinary substance is what helps protect different organs of our body.

The gums and teeth are among the greatest beneficiaries of such healthy effects, since it prevents inflammation in the mouth that can be caused by the bacteria that live in it.

Another of the benefits of catechin is that it helps the teeth and gums to fight against streptococcus. This is one of the most harmful bacteria that inhabits the mouth, causing plaque and dental cavities.

With this rich concoction we strengthen teeth and gums because the catechin shields them from external aggressions and reinforces them thanks to the vitamin content it contains, avoiding inflammations that can lead to periodontal diseases.

It also helps us keep our breath clean and fresh, so as you read, it is a bomb of benefits for your mouth.

Green Tea

4. Effective against aging

Green tea is a powerful ally against wrinkles because it improves elasticity and helps prevent skin inflammation.

The powerful antioxidants that green tea has fight against free radicals , which play a very important role in the problem of aging.

Free radicals are in many of our body's internal processes such as: food metabolism, the immune system that uses them to kill germs, stress and negative emotions or breathing itself.

Elements of the environment such as: pollution, tobacco, radiation, some additives in processed foods, and pesticides are also a source of free radicals that we encounter on a daily basis and without realizing it.

Luckily, nature is wise and our body is a machine tuned for excellent performance. It has its own mechanisms to neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals. To do this, it uses antioxidants that can be endogenous, that is, they are produced inside our body and among them we find: copper, iron, zinc, magnesium and selenium; or exogenous, which come from the diet. The differences between one and the other is that the endogenous ones are not consumed when they fight against free radicals, while the exogenous ones are and for this reason they must be replaced.

This is where tea comes into play with its various antioxidants and specifically green tea. Studies have shown that the most abundant polyphenols in green tea, catechins, are more potent at suppressing free radicals than vitamins C or E.

Green Tea

5. Perfect sidekick for weight loss

Green tea is famous for its slimming properties and nowadays we even find fat burning diets based on the use of this variety of herbal tea.

Why does this ancient infusion help us lose weight?

Because among its catechins, epigallocatechin gelato stands out, which causes a set of reactions within us that trigger this result: stimulates caloric expenditure, promotes fat oxidation, accelerates metabolism and has a very effective diuretic effect that helps us fight fluid retention and eliminate toxins accumulated in the body. In addition, we managed to keep the level of cholesterol in the blood at bay.

All these benefits are what conclude that green tea is a great ally to lose weight or maintain our proper weight. If you want to try its effects, take note of this simple ritual and you will see the results in a few weeks.

After each meal, three times a day, prepare a delicious cup of green tea . A trick to experience all the richness of the flavor of the tea is to always prepare it in the same teapot, preheated with a little boiling water that we will discard to make our final tea.

Once this step is completed, pour the water, preferably mineral, heated to a temperature of 70 or 80 degrees, that is, without boiling.

If your goal is to enjoy the rich aromas and flavor, let it sit for 2-3 minutes. However, if your plan is to get the most out of its properties, then let it infuse for more than 5 minutes, thus giving the catechins more time to display their benefits.

It is very important to choose the products that we incorporate into our diet well and although there are no miracles, there are foods that allow us to promote our health and tea is one of them.

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Un artículo muy completo, muchas gracias por compartir.

<a href="">Sumimascotas</a>

¡Hola Pepe!

Si tienes alguna patología antes de tomar cualquier alimento o realizar dieta deberías consultarlo con el médico.

Un saludo.

Vera and the Birds

¡Hola Antonia!

Si, el té verde tiene las mismas propiedades ya sea en bolsita de kraft o en bolsitas individuales.

Un abrazo.

Vera and the Birds

¡Hola Juancho!
Si, por su propiedades estimulantes y aceleradoras del metabolismo sería ideal tomarlo antes de hacer ejercicio.

Un abrazo.

Vera and the Birds

Me encanta todo tipo de infusiones y los tomos a cualquier hora del día.


Gracias, ha sido clarificador leer este artículo.


Es bueno el té verde para la inflamación intestinal y el estreñimiento crónico?


El té es muy bueno pero tampoco se debe abusar de tomar muchas cantidades,me a sido muy útil,sabía beneficios del té pero no todos ahora si gracias.

Tania María del Río Ferreiroa

Hace el mismo efecto el te ke se compra en las tiendas ke vienen en bositas

Antonia García seco

Es bueno entonces, tomarlo 20 min antes de hacer ejercicio ? Gracias


¡Hola Ephraim!

A nosotras también nos encanta el té verde. 😍😍

Vera and the Birds

Me gusta,la informacio. Brindada yo tomo el te verde y me sido util


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