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Benefits of facial exfoliation

It is a fact. The skin renews itself. Every 28 days approximately. However, there are certain factors around us that prevent this regeneration process from taking place properly. The particles of pollution and dirt, along with the toxins, impurities and fat that accumulate in our skin end up clogging pores and hindering the natural renewal of the skin.

That is why exfoliating the skin is essential to give a little push to epidermal renewal and for our skin to breathe and better absorb the nutrients from the products that we are going to apply later. A complexion exfoliating regularly is a brighter, smoother and more hydrated complexion.


Exfoliation Benefits

  1. Greater hydration . Imagine that your skin is covered in a thick carpet of dead cells, oil, pollution, and dirt. So it is difficult for any active ingredient to enter your skin, right? If we remove all that useless layer through exfoliation, the skin will be absolutely receptive to any active ingredient that we apply and will absorb all the nutrients.
  2. More regenerated complexion . With exfoliation, you are helping your skin complete its natural skin regeneration process. Jojoba pearls gently remove dead skin cells so that it can breathe and regenerate.
  3. Luminous aspect . A skin from which we have removed impurities is a skin that appears luminous and renewed.
  4. Calmer skin . The decongestant and calming action of chamomile and aloe vera will purify and soothe sensitive skin. Also, the jojoba beads are moisturizing and so tiny that they will exfoliate your skin without damaging it.


How to use the scrub correctly?

First of all, make sure you don't have any open wounds on your skin and it's important that you avoid the skin around your eyes: it's a very fragile and sensitive area.

  1. Moisten your face and neck.
  2. Squeeze a dose of the brightening gentle scrub into the palm of your hand.
  3. Begin by applying a little product to the center of your forehead and move towards the temples in a circular motion.
  4. Continue massaging the nose from the bridge to the tip and remember to rub a little harder on the edges of the nose, as a large amount of dead cells tend to accumulate there.
  5. Go down the cheeks (here the circular movements must be soft, since the skin on the cheek is delicate) to the chin and apply a little more force there.
  6. Gently massage all the skin of the neck.
  7. Rinse with plenty of water.
  8. Apply your usual moisturizer.

You can perform this exfoliation ritual frequently: the Vera & the birds lightening light exfoliator is so gentle that it will not irritate your skin. We recommend exfoliating your skin once or twice a week.


Combine it with...

Good hydration is the second step that cannot be missed when you exfoliate your skin. Once clean and unclogged , it absorbs the active ingredients of moisturizing creams much better . Try our face cream for combination skin, if your exfoliation ritual is in the morning, or our regenerating face cream, if exfoliating at night is your thing.

Combination skin facial cream - €22 Regenerating night cream - €26


The problem of microplastics

Most of the exfoliants on the market contain small plastic particles that inevitably end up in the sea. This is a terrible problem for the environment, as fish and other marine animals ingest these tiny bits of plastic and die or become ill . In addition to causing an environmental disaster, it puts our health at risk: everything is cyclical and in the end we ourselves are the ones who eat those fish that we have contaminated.

The solution

In nature there is a wide variety of natural elements that not only perfectly replace microplastic contaminants but are the ecological, natural and much healthier alternative for your skin , such as the jojoba pearls contained in our facial scrub , which regenerate very gently your complexion while giving it softness and elasticity.


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