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#DetoxVeraandthebirds plan: start 2018 off right

You have seen it in Stories. I've just come back from the trip to Stockholm and I'm here. Come Cinnamon Buns, Come Herrings, Come Glogg . My tummy looked like an Ikea supermarket. Ok, I need a detox plan . I think we all (and everyone) need it. That Christmas with its company dinners and its beers with friends and its nougats have taken its toll on us.

What I am writing to you is what will be my detox plan three months from now. I share it with you because sometimes we need to be reminded that with few and small gestures big changes can be achieved . And also so that those New Year's resolutions don't stay in the drawer and push us hard, hard towards a healthier and more conscious life. You add up?


Stop dieting, they are of little use. Eat seasonal and local, vegetables a tutiplein , legumes, fruit. You know, what comes to being eating with your head. If you are a vegetarian I recommend the recipes from Oh!MamiBlue and Yotam Ottolenghi's book El Gourmet Vegetariano or The Meat Free Monday Cookbook by the McCartney family (yes, the one by the Beatles). If you eat everything , there are several blogs that will help you plan your weekly lunches and dinners and save yourself more than one headache: Directo al Paladar , Gastronomía y Cía , Webos Fritos and of course the king of cooking blogs: El comidista : guaranteed laughs and delicious dishes. I add them to Feedly, a blog aggregator, so I can easily consult them and plan.

Why do you have to incorporate green tea into your diet NOW?

Surely you know that green tea is very good for health, but did you know that it protects you against cell aging ? And what is fantastic for preserving oral health? We have just published a super complete post in Vera & the birds with the five reasons why green tea is the best and why it has to be in your daily life.


Are you also persecuted by the publicity of Kayla Itsines ? It's everywhere, her and all the other fitness apps on the Internet. Yes, they are a nightmare but they are right: you have to get off your ass! Implement small routines of fifteen minutes each day or go for a run. Nothing, sign up for the gym, or go for a walk (but quickly), thousands of ladies can't be wrong .

Your skin asks for detox

With the excesses of Christmas and some shortbread still hanging around us like a lost soul in our pantry, our skin is crying out for renewal. First, a change in habits and second, specific care to restore all its beauty.

1. Deep clean
You can deep clean and remove dead skin cells with the brightening gentle scrub or you can choose to simply cleanse with a cleansing gel. Look at the labels to make sure it is natural cosmetics, your skin feels at home when you use products that are like it.
2. Purify
The purifying active charcoal and sage mask should be called “ Emergency kit for skin with party overdose ”. Charcoal is highly purifying and disincrusts like no one else the dirt that we accumulate on the skin day after day while regulating excess sebum. The mask also promotes the elimination of toxins and acts as a magnet on those horrible blackheads.
3. Hydrate

Next station: hydration. Properly hydrated skin is the essential requirement for it to be healthy and look beautiful. Choose a cream that contains hyaluronic acid and you will be sure to give your face all the hydration it needs.

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