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5 Keys to banish enlarged pores this summer

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In summer (almost) everything multiplies: sweat, heat, mosquitoes and the size of your pores. One day you look perfect and the next day you have the impression that your pores look like lunar craters. You are not alone in this, it happens to almost all mortals during the summer season. With the heat, we sweat more and generate more sebum. The pore gets clogged and voilà!: to our panic, the enlarged pores enter the scene.

If you are thinking that you can get rid of them: no, dear. You can not. And it is good that this is the case since they are essential for a correct elimination of what our skin does not need: toxins, fat, pollution. However, there is a way to reduce them to a minimum.

We give you the keys.

1. Correct facial hygiene

Sounds like a box, huh? Yes, without good facial hygiene, there is nothing to do. Grease, dirt and sweat will continue to accumulate on your face and clog your pores, just like the doors of an indie festival. Morning and night, cleanse your skin well with a good facial cleanser. For a deeper cleanse, once a week exfoliate your face with the Vera & the birds lightening light exfoliator : it will eliminate dead cells so that your skin emerges luminous and regenerated.

vera and the birds face scrub

2. Descales and seals pores

You already have a clean complexion, give it a plus detox. In areas where no one comes, activated carbon does. The magnetic force of the charcoal mask traps the dirt present in the pores as if it were a magnet, helping to eliminate the dreaded blackheads and preventing the appearance of pimples. After descaling, seal the pore. So the dirt will have a very difficult time getting back into it.

3. Moisturizes and mattifies

Matte skin but with light, unified and without open pores. Is it possible or is it a mirage? It exists, you just have to find the right formula for your skin. Search the active ingredients of your vitamin C moisturizer to give light to the face. Moisturizing does not mean greasing, so make sure that the oils or butters present in them include dry oils, such as hazelnut. Finally, the astringent touch of witch hazel extract, to help you close pores.

vera and the birds day moisturizer

4. Do not use comedogenic products

That you do not use products that clog the pores, go. For example, palm oil and coconut oil when found in creams have a high comedogenic power. Avoid them!

5. Wear makeup to hide them (although you don't need it)

You're beautiful the way you are and the way you are, but if you've still tried everything and you don't feel comfortable with the appearance of your pores, you can resort to makeup to even out your skin tone and make them not noticeable. Of course, golden rule: remove make-up thoroughly afterwards and moisturize.

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