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20 free reveals with Cheerz


The good weather is finally here!

Spring is a state of mind, as are those people around you who make you blossom. That's why we've teamed up with Cheerz, to bring you memories with the ones you love the most. With your order we give you 20 free reveals so that you can print your moments with your favorite people. And may you always have them with you.

How to get 20 free Cheerz reveals?

It is very simple. Place your order on our website as usual. You will receive the confirmation email in your inbox, along with a Cheerz code. Once you have it:

1. Enter or its APP.

2. Select the photo format that you like best within the “photo prints” category: retro 8x10 cm, 10x10 cm squares or 8x10 cm with creative borders and the option of 20 prints. 

3. Choose your favorite photos and upload them from your PC or mobile. 

4. Once you have all the photos uploaded, don't forget to personalize them. You can choose to put text on them and change the style and color of the border. 

5. Do you have your memories ready yet? Now save your selection or add it to the basket to order*. 

6. Before finalizing your order, we invite you to take a look at the rest of the Cheerz products, we are sure you will love them! 

7. When you have your basket ready, all you have to do is add the discount code from this email and hit the "add" button and voilà! 

8. Finally, all that remains is to finalize the order in the usual way.

Your favorite cosmetic brand and 20 free reveals with Cheerz, what more could you ask for?

Make your order here

* Shipping costs for Cheerz Reveals are not included. You will have until April 30, 2022 to redeem the prize. The free reveal promotion will be available on our website from April 20 to 31.

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