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What is the spring euphoria?


It has always been said that spring alters blood. But what does it really mean? With the change of season, the days become longer, the temperatures warmer, green floods the landscapes, nature flourishes... And all this makes us have more energy and are happier.

Spending more time outdoors improves mental health, as it reduces stress and favors the appearance of positive emotions.

vitamin d The sun has a great impact on our mental health : it favors the release of oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine, which are, among other things, the hormones of love, pleasure, motivation, and attraction.

But spring does not only affect us emotionally, but also our physical health . The fact that we are more exposed to sunlight strengthens the immune system, contributes to the proper functioning of the nervous system and keeps our bone structure healthy.

What impact does it have on our skin?

The good weather, the daylight hours, life making its way for another year… spring encourages a feeling of happiness to invade us. And our skin notices it too: it emerges happy, renewed and wanting to live a honeymoon with itself. It is that sweet moment in which we have already overcome the rigors of winter but the heat of summer has not yet hit us. If you're one of those lucky ones whose allergies don't touch you, you and your skin may be living your best moment (in terms of skincare , of course).


Any catch in sight? Of course, there always are. But they are few and easily salvageable. We take a look at the small potholes that you can run into in the flower season and how to overcome them in the blink of an eye.

Increased sun exposure

Vitamin D is essential for the proper functioning of the body and is considered to strengthen the barrier function of the skin. We get this vitamin in two ways: diet or through the sun's rays penetrating our skin. So spring is the first time in a long time that your skin receives the sun's rays so directly, what a pleasure! But beware, more hours of light is synonymous with more radiation , so exposure has to be with sun protection so that our skin does not suffer. 

full of glow

In winter our skin is duller and haggard. The good weather encourages the skin to emerge renewed and much more luminous . Help her by doing a good exfoliation first and integrating vitamin C into your routine, you will see that it shines with its own light!

Light yes, glitter no, thanks

With the increase in temperatures, it is very likely that you will generate more fat and horror! pimples appear. Balance it with a specific cream for your skin type. A toner with vegetable salicylic acid and a serum with bakuchiol (highly seboregulatory) will help you keep pimples at bay.


Good weather can cause a greater loss of transepidermal water. In other words, the water literally evaporates . Write down these tricks to 'catch' her. First vaporize your face with the Beauty mist . Follow up with a highly hydrating serum, such as the Lift up serum : when applied to wet skin, it will retain more moisture. Finish with your favorite moisturizer , we have one for each skin type.


If you are one of those allergies that leads you down the path of bitterness (and your little friends irritations, eczema and chafing), you need to include soothing active ingredients such as menthyl nicotinate in your routine, included in our sleeping mask . This ingredient is a powerful derivative of niacinamide , with an eight times higher release power and greater ease of penetration.

Try these tricks and get ready to enjoy the good weather to the fullest!

And so that you can dress up your spring dressing table, we make it even easier for you. Use the discount code ' SPRING ' when making your purchase , and don't forget that until the end of the month all your purchases come with a surprise 20 free reveals on Cheerz!

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