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14 Ways to Wear a Bandana

A scarf, a thousand combinations. Are you short of ideas to make the most of your favorite accessory? Nagore Valera , illustrator and the MacGyver of the scarf, tells you in this tutorial the secrets to get the most out of your Silk Defense Vegan Scarf.

Silk Defense Vegan Scarf is a scarf made of vegan silk and printed with the same delicate motifs that adorn our next release, the Sik Defense Tinted Sunscreen. As always, the illustrations are painted in watercolor by Alex L. Capitelli, CEO and founder of Vera & the birds, and in them cheerful flowers coexist with cute shells, as if they wanted to tell us 'Hey, protect yourself from the sun all year round and in any situation'

Nagore Valera is an illustrator and accessories designer. Her work is honest, colorful and positive, just like us! Follow him on Instagram .