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Every day a different gift with your order

From January 10 to 15, we include a Vera & the birds treasure gift for orders over €29 🤩 to help you fulfill your New Year's resolutions.

These are the gifts that will magically appear in your order if you buy in the following days:

Tuesday 10: Botanical Nude tonic - Bye bye pimples for the Christmas excesses.

Wednesday 11: Time to bloom candle - 1,2,3 relax. Today I'm going to pamper myself a bit.

Thursday, 12: nature muse palette - I learn to make up my eyes.

Friday the 13th: Rescue me sleeping mask - A mask a week to rescue my skin.

Saturday 14 : Infusion - A daily infusion to detoxify he body.

Sunday 15: lipstick - I'm going to the office with painted lips.

You don't see a promo like this every day, you can't miss it!

* Inclusion of a gift item on orders over €29. Promotion available from 01/10 to 01/15, both inclusive. Until exhausting requirements. The infusions and lipsticks will be included randomly.

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