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New natural & vegan makeup collection 'Time to bloom'

Mark the date in the diaries: 04.10.20 at 8:00 p.m.

We are almost-almost going to get a tattoo of how excited we are. After a year and a half of hard work we can finally say that the first Vera & the birds makeup collection is almost on the street: on October 4 'Time to bloom' will see the light of day, a collection made up of 6 lipsticks and 1 palette . Vegan, sustainable, natural and with spectacular results!

The lipsticks give us 6 flattering and timeless shades , ranging from nude pink to exquisite burgundy, through classic red or powdery pink , in cream or semi-matte textures and with unmatched durability and comfort.

We finish off the collection with an unbeatable brooch, the Nature Muse palette: nine shades inspired by nature , in shimmer and matte finishes to enhance your looks, both casual and sophisticated.

Along with the spectacular pigmentation and performance of the range, the botanical active ingredients are the other jewel in the crown and have been included in very high proportions to take care of the lips and eyelids while we are applying makeup. Ingredients such as jojoba oil , green tea wax and apricot oil have a high value in lipids, vitamins and antioxidants that offer a treatment plus .

Devil is in the details

We firmly believe that true luxury is in the details. And as you discover the collection, you will find small and exquisite surprises such as the illustration on the inside of the lipsticks, the beautiful and practical mirror that adorns the inside of the palette or the reason for our slogan 'Time to bloom'.

Let's talk a bit about design. You already know that at Vera & the birds we believe that beauty is curative! As in the rest of the products, all the illustrations have been painted in watercolor by Alex , CEO & founder of Vera & the birds, and try to reflect the spirit of the collection, strongly linked to nature. 'I chose to draw the wild rose, a simple flower but with an indomitable and authentic character, in tones of white,' explains Alex, 'I think it reflects the purity, sensitivity and optimism of the collection.'

The name of the collection has not been left to chance either. 'Time to bloom' is not only a hymn to nature. This slogan is born as a reminder to tell us at all times that it is time to get the best out of ourselves , to feel stronger than ever. And that despite the uncertain times we are experiencing, there are reasons to move forward and flourish.

Quality and sustainability as guides

Opening a category and launching a makeup collection was a natural step for Vera & the birds and it called us from within. Our curious and playful spirit, the constant search for beauty in what surrounds us, drew us like a magnet towards makeup.

We wanted a dream collection, strongly anchored to nature, vegan, eco-friendly and that responded to the needs of the real woman. So we got down to work looking for suppliers. It could not be anyone, as in all our products quality and sustainability had to be our guide, so we were clear that under no circumstances would we manufacture in countries located thousands of km away, where the production cost would surely be much cheaper but at the expense of quality and environmental impact

Many months of constant searching took place and we finally found our suppliers in Italy, the cradle of the best makeup manufacturing and where some of the best, most prestigious, optimized and reliable suppliers are located. We finally found the suppliers that offered the product of our dreams, of excellent and sustainable quality.

It was not an easy decision. Quality has a price and the unit cost was higher than manufacturing anywhere else (even in Spain!), but we decided to bet heavily on what our Italian suppliers offered us and that we couldn't find here:

  • High quality raw materials and local assets.
  • Sustainable packaging. The entire collection is made of aluminum and cardboard .
  • More optimized manufacturing processes, with its consequent reduction in the carbon footprint.
  • Natural and vegan formulas that will not affect the performance of the product.

proudly vegan

All of our makeup is vegan. And this may seem easy to do, however, right here we found ourselves with a difficult stone to overcome: the use of cochineal. In color cosmetics there are only two ways to obtain shades of red: either with synthetic pigments or with carminic acid, an ingredient obtained from the pulverization of the insect called cochineal.

We were very clear from the beginning: we preferred to include laboratory-synthesized pigment than an ingredient where a living being had to be killed. Our collection is 100% vegan : our lipsticks have beautiful shades of red and are vegan at the same time.

Do you want to meet them? They go on sale on October 4. Subscribe to the Newsletter !

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