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How to take care of the skin in summer

Our skin suffers enormously from high temperatures and at the risk of arriving a little late, it is better that you take care of it now and make slight adjustments in your routine so that it does not suffer. The more careful our skin is, the more prepared it will be to face the rigors of summer.


1. Maximum hydration

Basic physics and chemistry lesson: water evaporates with heat. Our skin was not going to be an exception to the laws of nature and when temperatures rise, it loses water. Dehydration is a problem for the skin: dehydrated skin is weaker and therefore less healthy, and its clear symptoms are a dull complexion and a feeling of tightness.

Fight it with the number one active ingredient in hydration: hyaluronic acid . It is a molecule capable of trapping moisture in the skin , smoothing expression lines from the inside. Other highly moisturizing assets that you should look for in the INCI of your cosmetic: aloe vera, glycerin and cucumber extract .

2. Full of antioxidants

The sun creates free radicals that attack our skin and cause oxidative stress in our cells. Shield it well with a shield of antioxidants and look for products that include active ingredients such as vitamin C or vitamin A.

We take the opportunity to dismantle a false myth. Contrary to what is usually thought, vitamin C does not stain the skin , quite the opposite: it protects it from external aggressions and inhibits the action of melanin, responsible for hyperpigmentation due to sun spots. In short: the continued use of vitamin C will help you protect the skin . You should wear SPF but for the simple reason that we always have to wear sunscreen but not because it will stain your skin.

3. SPF, but all year round

This brings us to the next point: the use of sun protection must be continued throughout the year, no use only in summer or when we go to the beach (horror!).

Continued sun exposure and ultraviolet radiation are extremely harmful: they not only cause premature skin aging , but much more serious problems such as skin cancer.

4. Light and refreshing textures

Ok, this is not a skincare requirement. It's something we want. A lot. Sensoriality in cosmetics is always very important and summer is no exception. During the hot months we fancy fresh, light and easily absorbed textures . We opt for refreshing aromas and that bring us a feeling of cleanliness. And we put super creamy and rich creams on hiatus until September, much more appetizing during the cold months.

If this is something common in all skin types, oily and combination skin almost needs it: they can even notice a feeling of heaviness or overwhelm with thick creams.

So the need for more hydration, to add antioxidants and to opt for light textures , means that we must adjust our routine with the onset of good weather, and always taking our skin type into account.

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