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Verona high support sports top

Sale price34.00€
Size guide High support bra

Size guide

XS 84 70
Yes 88 74
M 92 78
l 100 85
XL 108 92
2XL 116 99
3XL 124 106

Body measurements guide

This size guide shows body measurements. We recommend that you order a size up if your measurements are between two sizes.

measure yourself

For horizontal measurements, keep the tape measure parallel to the ground.

A. Chest

Place the starting end of the tape measure at the widest part of your chest, run the tape across your back (under your armpits and over your shoulder blades) and bring the other end to the starting point.

B. Undermammary contour

Place the measuring tape around your body, just below your breasts, where the bra strap is.

Freed to conquer your goals. This bra compresses and holds firmly, accompanying every gesture of your body in movement. A technical hug that allows you to spread your wings while you weight, run or jump on your way to success.

Verona high support sports top
Verona high support sports top Sale price34.00€


Each garment tells a very personal story through its design. Exquisite embroideries, beautiful watercolors and unique prints, each created exclusively by Alex, CEO of the brand, to reflect the dreamlike and vibrant inner world of Vera & the birds.


A new approach to sustainability in the fashion industry: produce only what you need. Your order is processed when the purchase has been made. In this way, we are helping to eliminate overproduction and generate less waste. It's a complete win-win .