Sakura green tea


The delicacy of rose petals and the sweetness of cherry infuse this green tea to teleport with each sip to Imperial Japan. It is very fragrant and its flavor is smooth with the sweet point that the cherry gives and the freshness of Sencha green tea.

Sencha green tea comes from Japan and is one of the most widely consumed varieties in the country. At the end of the Sencha making process, the tea leaves are roasted to give them their characteristic flavor and aroma.

Classic kraft tea bag | 100g

Green tea is one of nature’s gifts and it has countless beneficial properties. These include its powerful antioxidant effect that actively combats free radicals, thus preventing the appearance and development of chronic diseases. Green tea is an excellent metabolism stimulant and is scientifically proven to help weight loss. It is a diuretic and aids digestion.

Perfect time: for a sunny mid-morning or a relaxed afternoon at work.

Brewing time: 2-3’ Water temperature: 80 ºC

Sencha green tea (93%), freeze-dried cherry (4%), rose petals, aroma.

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