La Vie En Rose Aromatherapy Bath Salts

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Thanks to La vie en rose Aromatherapy Bath Salts you will enjoy a relaxing spa experience with this subtle and sophisticated product inspired by wild roses in bloom. It will infuse your bathroom with a delicate and relaxing aroma.

This is a unique blend of freshly picked rose petals and fine pink salt crystals. Perfumed with a touch of exquisite rosewood oil, so that you enjoy a very rosy experience.

120g | Vegan | Glass bottle

A sensory experience for mind and body. Enjoy this most rosy of experiences and turn your bathroom into a relaxing spa. It is an ideal time to dedicate some time to yourself, something that, with our hectic pace of life, we sometimes forget to do. Taking a bath is already a great way to unwind and to treat yourself to a pleasurable sensation, but with these aromatic salts, bathing becomes a luxurious experience.

From the rose bush in bloom to your bathroom. Each petal is gathered, one by one, from the beautiful, fragrant fields of Damask roses.

◦ They come with an illustrated glass bottle so that you can enjoy the salts with each bath and their gorgeous bottle whenever you look at the shelf.

Kind to the skin. Ever since ancient times, salt baths have been considered to be a source of beneficial, health-giving properties owing to their concentration of magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc and copper, as well as other minerals.

Our body is made up of 75% water and the tissues and cells of the human body contain a saline solution similar to salt water from the sea. In a hot bath, the water dilates the pores and, due to the amount of salt in it, our pores absorb the minerals and other elements in the form of ions, resulting in a process of osmosis in our body.

◦ Pink Salt. Fine crystals of pink salt exquisitely micronized to allow you to pour just the right amount into each bath.

◦ Damask rose petals. These freshly picked rose petals bring a subtle, sensuous touch for a unique bathing experience.

◦ Rosewood essential oil. Let your mind and all your senses travel to a field of fresh roses in bloom with this aromatic and sophisticated scent, obtained from their oil.

If you decide to take a bath to relax and disconnect from everything, you should fill the bath with water at just the right temperature. We recommend a hot bath at a temperature of around 30-37 degrees. This is the normal temperature of the human body, and as well as being comfortable, it also enables the bath salts to dissolve completely.

Add anything between a pinch to a small fistful of salts to the water. You will find that very little is needed; even the smallest amount with fill your bath with a fragrant aroma for a unique relaxing experience.

To enjoy all the benefits of the salt bath, you should soak in it for at least 10 minutes, the time needed for the heat to dilate your pores and for your skin to benefit from soaking up all the minerals and trace elements contained in the salts.



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