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How it all started

Vera & the birds was born from an inescapable need to create effective, sensory, beautiful products and -above all- things that help us to be present and take care of ourselves. 

It all started when Alex decided to leave his professional career in communication to pursue something that called to him from the inside out. A project that responded to his particular universe , sensory and serene, where his great passions would meet: nature, care, slow life and illustration. 

alex illustrating

And the name 'Vera & the birds'?

Although it may seem like the name of a music group, it is a combination of two terms that make a lot of sense to us. Vera is the name of Alex's first daughter , a beautiful name because of its sound and because it means 'true'. The 'birds' represent nature and that sensory, beautiful and dreamlike space that we try to reproduce in each product.