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The intensive treatment to recover your lips

At Vera & the birds we have created Just Kiss Me Lip Treatment , an intensive treatment to nourish and repair the driest or most damaged lips .

We wanted to reserve this jewel for September because it is the month to return to the routine , to school, and to good cosmetic habits. After a long summer it's time to recover the skin and we always, always, always forget a fundamental part of our anatomy: the lips.

Yes, friends. The lips are the great forgotten when it comes to our skincare routine. And that in turn we give them great importance when we want to give ourselves a touch of color. That is why, sometimes, our lipsticks do not quite fit us as we thought, marking in a more evident way small dryness and cracks that are not very flattering... and that we hate so much.

As you well know, miracles in cosmetics do not exist, but fortunately, we have a quick solution to recover and renew your lips in record time.

We firmly believe that lip care is essential, lip skin is finite and needs specific care for proper treatment and maintenance.

A velvety solution for your lips

In our search for the perfect formula we have gone through different stages: first we wanted a versatile product to be able to apply at any time of the day. In addition, we wanted it to be a formula with an intense repair treatment . Both concepts are attractive but they clash. The versatility we were looking for was not compatible with thick repair formulas, which left a sticky and annoying feeling.

How we solved this incompatibility: The easiest thing would be to give up one of the two pillars of the product. Either we opt for versatility or for intensive treatment. And which one do we give up? We were clear... to none! There began the intense investigation of assets that would provide a restorative effect, intense nutrition and a hydration shot with zero greasy or sticky sensation . We find the perfect balance by playing with the percentages of butters , necessary for deep nourishment, along with botanical oils and hyaluronic acid , which retain moisture in the skin. That's where Just Kiss Me Lip Treatment was born.

A versatile, effective and... beautiful product! . We have taken care of every little detail of this product to make it unique. The packaging is made of bluish aluminum and has silk-screened illustrations of flowers making it the perfect container, beautiful, practical and sustainable. The tip emulates those of our lipstick collection, as this beveled design with a square base provides a precise and comfortable application. The color, smell, and sensation on the lip of the formula: everything is studied so that its use is an experience.

How to get it into the routine

As a general rule we will need to exfoliate the lips once a week . There will be times when our lips need extra applications if they are very damaged, matte lipsticks are used that are very drying, after sun damage, chlorine and salt from the beach in summer, etc. We are going to show you what would be a perfect lip routine to perform weekly:

  • Step 1: Exfoliation . The lips must be perfectly dry, clean and healthy (this means that the routine cannot be applied when we have herpes, open wounds such as small bleeding cracks or similar). We apply a small amount of Bamboo Lip Scrub and massage gently with circular movements all over the lips. It is very important to control the force at the time of exfoliation so as not to have to regret later. The movements should always be soft so as not to damage the fine skin of the lips.
  • Step 2: Treatment . Then we generously apply our Just Kiss Me Lip Treatment , it is not necessary to press a lot to deposit more product, simply make several passes over the lips.

The ideal time to perform the lip routine will preferably be during the night routine , since as it is a non-sticky formula, nothing will bother us at bedtime and we make sure that it acts more intensely throughout the night to wake up with repaired and nourished lips.

One product, multiple uses: In addition to being an excellent lip repair treatment, you can also use it during the day as a lip balm or to enhance your lips with a very natural makeup look. Its versatile format is designed to be used at any time and place.

The new Just Kiss Me Lip Treatment is the product your lips need to always be healthy, soft and kissable . Get it!

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