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Tonic: what is it for and how to include it in my routine?

Having well-cared and beautiful skin is synonymous with investing time and being consistent with respect to the skincare routine . We already know that there are no miracles in cosmetics, but there are products that, due to their composition and their very nature, provide us with a lot of benefits in a single step. This would be the case of toners, since due to its quick and easy application it is a very simple step in the routine and at the same time very necessary. Furthermore, depending on the active ingredients in the formula, the tonic itself may have one function or another. But exactly... What is a tonic and what function does it have?

A toner is a solution with an acidic pH with the function of treating your skin.
and prepare it for further treatment.

Botanical Nude Tonic is the new toner that we welcome to the Vera & the birds routine. Since we felt the need to create this product, we were very clear about the type of function and assets we wanted it to have. Formulated with 99.26% ingredients of natural origin , it has the perfect balance of exfoliating and moisturizing active ingredients to perfect the texture and correct imperfections without drying or irritating the skin. Creating products that are respectful of our skin is part of our philosophy and is essential in any development.

To get to know it a little more and to be able to dispel the doubts that arise about its characteristics and use, we are going to answer the following questions about Botanical Nude Tonic :

What are its properties?

Its main functions are to help tone and regulate the pH after cleaning, thus preparing the face for subsequent treatment. In addition, it contains active ingredients that will help us to perfect texture, tone and imperfections , and due to its content of soothing and moisturizing ingredients, it will do so gently and without causing irritation . That is why it is an important step in the skin care routine.

When will I notice the results?

As we have already mentioned, there are no miracles in cosmetics and the key to success is daily and constant care , however, as it is a product with an acidic pH and with ingredients specifically selected to treat imperfections and visibly improve the texture, tone and appearance of the face , results can be seen in a short time after it is implemented in the routine.

Where should I apply it?

It is a product designed to be applied to the face , but since it contains active ingredients to treat, correct and reduce imperfections, it could be applied as a treatment in areas such as the neckline or back where areas are prone to the appearance of pimples and imperfections.

In which step of the routine should I incorporate it?

The toner should be used on perfectly clean skin , just after the make-up removal and cleansing routine . Once applied, we will wait a few seconds and we can continue with the routine.

A toner is not a product that is part of the cleaning routine, it is a treatment product that must be applied to a clean face.

How should I make your application?

We can apply it with the Reusable Makeup Remover Pads or with our fingertips, gently patting it all over the face, avoiding the eye area. With this last option we make better use of the amount of product that we apply and do not waste a drop.

Can I use it while pregnant or lactating?

It would be suitable for both pregnancy and lactation since there is no contraindication to its use, but if you have any doubts , we recommend that you consult your specialist.

What is your top ingredient?

It is made up of many active ingredients with exfoliating, renewing and moisturizing functions . They are strategically designed so that they can be balanced in the formula and in this way they can perform their functions without causing irritation or drying out the skin.

Renewing ingredients + Moisturizing ingredients

The formula's top active is White Willow Bark , known to be the salicylic acid of the natural world as it contains salicin within, an ingredient that can be converted to salicylic acid through multiple chemical processes. It is a very good natural option for those who find salicylic acid too irritating or their skin does not quite tolerate it properly. In addition, willow bark also helps to correct and reduce blemishes and has the property of helping to soothe the skin and reduce redness.

What type of skin is it indicated for?

It has been formulated with the idea of ​​providing a solution for all skin types , but it is especially recommended for dull, congested and blemished skin . Due to its mixture of exfoliating and moisturizing active ingredients, it performs cell renewal in a non-aggressive way, resulting in glowing skin, treating imperfections and restoring lost light.

For what type of skin is it not indicated?

It has been tested on sensitive skin, resulting in very good skin compatibility, but since it is a product with an acidic pH , we do not recommend it for extremely sensitive skin or skin prone to pathologies such as rosacea, dermatitis, among others.

Are there any contraindications when using it with other ingredients?

As it contains lactic acid, the mildest of the group of AHA's, and has an acidic pH, it is not recommended to use it in the same routine with other products that contain ingredients whose function is renewing and exfoliating, such as acids or retinol .

Can it be used in the same routine together with the Bakuchiol perfecting serum?

The perfecting serum is composed of Bakuchiol, known for being the alternative to retinol suitable for sensitive skin and with great skin tolerability. Both products, serum and tonic, have been dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, so it would be appropriate to be able to introduce them into the same routine whenever your skin needs it. We do not recommend its common use if your skin is extremely sensitive, dehydrated or does not require the perfecting properties that the products will provide.

Can I use it daily?

Yes, toner is an important step in a cosmetic routine and Botanical Nude Tonic can be used daily. If you don't know what your ideal routine is according to your skin type, you can do our skin test .

Sounds good right? Well, we warn you that we have only discussed the technical part, and that the sensory part is not far behind. Its scent of lime and mint , its nude color, and the sensation of freshness in each application make it a step in the skincare routine in which you will enjoy using it.

Remember that if you have any questions about its formula, application or any other question , you can ask us at any time because we will be happy to help you.


Hola María! Podrías usar el Botanical Nude Tonic en tu rutina de mañana y noche y luego continuar con tu sérum con vitamina c por el día y/o retinol por la noche.
Para el uso del peeling enzimático recomendamos primero limpiar el rostro con la mousse y luego usar el Calm Enzyme Peel, Botanical tonic y sérum + hidratante. Un saludo.

Vera and the Birds

Hola!! Se puede aplicar después serum de vitamina C?? Y si utilizo peeling enzimático lo podría utilizar en la misma rutina, antes del peeling, después de la limpieza con el mousse??

Maria Sáez

Hola Patricia Hernández.

En principio no habría problema, pero esto dependerá de tu piel y de lo que pueda soportar. Tanto el acido glicólico como el ácido láctico son exfoliantes (el porcentaje del tónico es bajo), por lo que podrían sobre-exfoliar tu piel, por ello, debes ir probando y viendo la reacción de tu piel.
El ácido glicólico al 10% tiene una concentración elevada por lo que te recomiendo el uso de protección solar alto e hidratación.

Un saludo.

Vera and the birds

Hola! Tengo una duda, podría utilizar este tónico por las mañanas si por las noches uso un tratamiento con AHA’s ( glicolico en mi caso) al 10%?

Patricia Hernández

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