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What would you say to your twenty-year-old self?

What would you say to your twenty year old self?

Ah, youth, blessed treasure. Boys, parties, friends. We were cocktails of hormones downhill and without brake. The biggest drama in the world was that you had a sore throat on a Saturday night and couldn't go out. And the world ended if Rocío got angry with you or if your 'crush' didn't answer your calls. Everything was lived intensely, everything to the limit. And it was really cool, I won't deny it.

But now, sixteen years after my twenties (it is said soon) there is something that I would say to that crazy kid Alex:

1. Say 'no'

That magic word we don't use out of fear. Fear of not being complacent. Fear of not liking . Fear of missing out on adventure opportunities. She would give twenty-year-old Alex the occasional lesson in assertiveness. A no in time can be a victory

2. Wash your face at night, sparrow

When I was twelve or thirteen years old, my mother taught me how to wash my face and bought me a simple moisturizer. I have always taken care of my face, but only in the morning. I'm ashamed to say it but until recently, I didn't wash my face at night . There I was going to the envelope with all the crap accumulated during the day Ugh!

And that was on good days: some night of partying I would go to sleep painted as a door . Raise your hand who has done something similar! Luckily, for some years now I have learned that a good night routine is essential for healthy skin. And what are the things I should avoid .

3. Waste less time

We got our master's degree in time management over the years, when our leisure time is reduced to a minimum is when we learn to value the few free minutes and make the most of them. I would tell twenty-year-old Alex to take salsa classes and get serious about French.

4. Put on sunscreen

I'm not the only one who didn't wear sunscreen and lied like a scoundrel to her mother “yes, mom, of course I wore it”, red as a shrimp, a unique mix of sun and shame. If I could go back almost twenty years , I would capon myself and put on sunscreen. It would have saved me a lot of unwanted spots and I'm sure a few wrinkles.

5. Guys: dare to talk to them

Boys don't bite. At twenty years old they may drool a little , but biting, what is said to bite, they do not bite. Dare to approach the boy you like and say hello!: wonderful things can happen. You did it with Diego and it worked <3

6. Hug the people you love more

Teenagers are naturally aloof and tend to shy away from hugs and kisses. A show of affection should never be left out . To twenty-something Alex, she would say to kiss her parents more, spend time with her mother, learn from her dad. Life can turn you around and stay too many kisses and hugs to give.

And you, what would you say to your twenty-year-old self?

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