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Sleeping mask: what it is and why it will be your next beauty whim

Surely the term sleeping mask is not new to you, since with the influence of Korean cosmetics these new beauty terms have been introduced into our daily lives. Its name in the West can cause many doubts about it, is it a mask? Wouldn't it be counterproductive to apply a mask all night? Will the sheets end up covered in product?

When we began to develop the idea of ​​creating a sleeping mask in Vera & the birds, we were very clear that we fell in love with the concept and that we needed it, so we got down to work. What we wanted? Powerful, very powerful ingredients...for visible results , creamy texture and a smell that will make you fall in love . As soon as we started testing the first formula tests, we immediately understood why this type of product is so popular (and so easy to use!) in Korea.

A sleeping mask is a type of product with a texture more similar to a creamy cream than a mask, and which acts at night while you sleep, boosting skin regeneration in a spectacular way so that you notice its effects as soon as you get up the next day.

Conceptually, its formula is more powerful than any other cosmetic so that its effects are immediately noticeable the next day. Our face is in contact with the product all night, receiving the benefits of its assets to wake up with a much more recovered and revitalized face . That is why they are great for our skin to visually recover the hours of sleep or when we go through times when we do not sleep all we need and we do not want it to manifest on the skin. A true rescue for the skin , and inspired by this concept was how our Rescue Me Sleeping Mask was born.

Rescue Me Sleeping Mask is a combination of no more and no less than 16 powerful natural active ingredients . This powerful cocktail of active ingredients has a clear mission: to recover our face in record time . Its main asset is a most innovative ingredient, menthyl nicotinate, a derivative of vitamin B3 better known as niacinamide but with 2 key differentiating factors: 8 times more powerful and greater penetration .

Along with the star ingredient are 15 more active botanicals to provide a multitude of benefits to the skin. Its rejuvenating, antioxidant and microcirculation activator power stands out without causing irritation thanks to ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, algae and fruit extracts such as pomegranate.

The 3 key reasons why we fell in love with it and why we invite you to try it:

1. Its powerful cocktail of botanical assets will make your skin feel revitalized while you sleep so you can show off your best face the next day. It also intensively treats the signs of aging.

2. It is a very comfortable formula , easy to apply and quickly absorbed. We promise you that you will not have to do extra laundry because the sheets get dirty.

3. The results with its continued use are incredible , as if your skin recovered the lack of sleep that we sometimes have due to stress, work, family...

How to get the most out of its use

Its use is so easy that you are going to introduce it into your nightly skincare routines without much problem. It is used as the last step in the routine, a generous amount is applied all over the face and we wait for it to be absorbed. You will see that the texture is creamy to enhance the nutritional effects but its absorption is fast. When we notice that it has been absorbed, we can go to sleep without worrying about staining our sheets. The next day we remove the excess of the product with water and proceed to a gentle cleaning. We will immediately notice the results , since it has been acting all night.

Our recommendation to notice a prolonged and evident result is to use it at least two nights a week, but there is no problem if you decide to use it more days. Even if you have sensitive skin, since we have guaranteed with a dermatological test on sensitive skin that it is suitable and does not cause any type of irritation.

And now, do you dare to try a night rescue for your skin?


En que tienda o supermercado de Republica Dominicana la podria obtener


¡Hola Rebeca!

Te enamorará desde la primera aplicación. 😘😘

Vera and the Birds

¡Hola Nathalia!

La nueva Rescue Me Sleeping Mask ya está disponible en nuestra web. Te escribimos por privado.

Un abrazo.

Vera and the Birds

Hola Yade.

La nueva Rescue Me Sleeping Mask se aplicaría como último paso de la rutina facial después del sérum. No sería necesario el uso de crema hidratante antes de ella.

Un abrazo enorme,

Vera and the Birds

Que ganas de probarla, la verdad que tiene una pinta estupenda!!


Hola! Conozco de primera mano los productos coreanos ya que mi mejor amiga de la secundaria es coreana y sé que son geniales! La única duda que tengo es saber cuándo estará en venta en vuestra web? 🥰


Hola chicas! tengo una pregunta, ¿ Esta mascarilla se usa luego de poner la crema hidratante nocturna ?


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