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Questions and answers about the remineralizing nourishing mask

vera and the birds green clay nourishing mask

A few days ago we did a live show where we explained the benefits of the remineralizing nourishing mask and at the end we asked a round of questions. We have gathered all the answers here so that you can consult them whenever you want. Do you have any questions that you want to clarify? Leave them to us in the comments and we will include them in this post!

This mask looks very good, what benefits does it provide?

The new nourishing remineralizing mask is a multi-function cosmetic product that nourishes and regenerates the skin, evens out tone, reduces blemishes, fights aging and reactivates blood microcirculation. You can take a look at the product sheet to see in depth what its effects are.

What type of skin is it indicated for?

This mask is perfect for any type of skin : normal, dry, oily, combination. It even soothes sensitive skin.

I have rosacea, can I put on the mask?

We have many clients who have rosacea, skin atopy, couperosis or any type of dermatitis and they are doing great. However, from Vera & the birds our recommendation is that whenever you suffer from a skin problem you go to the dermatologist to make a diagnosis and recommend an appropriate treatment. If you want, you can even bring the INCI (the ingredients) for the doctor to see and recommend it to you.

If I have oily skin, won't the mask make me greasy?

Absolutely. This mask deeply nourishes without adding excess fat. In addition, green clay will help you remove impurities from the skin, including excess sebum.

There is a lot of talk about green clay, but could you give us more information about its properties?

The minerals present in green clay help to firm and restore smoothness to the skin, giving it a soft and healthy appearance. They are also very effective in reducing redness and have a vasoconstrictor capacity. Green clay is highly prized for its power to absorb toxins and remove impurities.

How does it apply?

Very easy. On a very clean face, apply the product all over the face, avoiding lips, eyes and their contours. You can use a brush or your fingers, as you like. Let it act for 15 minutes and remove gently . You can easily remove the remains of the mask with a chamois or towel moistened with water. After applying the mask, continue with your routine: contour, day or night cream, oil, etc.

green clay mask application

How many times a week do I have to apply it?

1-2 times a week is enough.

Remineralization. Sounds good but I don't know what it is.

Our body needs minerals for its proper functioning. And the skin, as part of it, also needs a constant supply of essential trace elements and mineral salts for the skin cells to function as they should.

Normally, these minerals are obtained from food, but sometimes (especially in times of stress or fatigue) it is necessary to reinforce this supply topically so that the skin looks rejuvenated, luminous and rested.

The essential trace elements and mineral salts present in the mask replenish the essential minerals for proper functioning of the skin cells. For example, organic iodine : it is essential to maintain the hydration balance necessary for cell metabolism, the elimination of toxins and the absorption of nutrients. Or selenium that helps neutralize free radicals

What is the difference between the two masks, the black one and the green one?

The black one is more focused on purifying the skin in depth, unclogging pores, cleaning blackheads and regulating excess sebum. The green one is more aimed at providing luminosity, unifying the tone and remineralizing.

So can we do multimasking with them?

You can and you should! For those of you who are not familiar with the term, multimasking is the technique of simultaneously applying several facial masks to separately treat the specific needs of the skin in its different areas. In this way, we are not only giving our skin exactly what it needs, but also we will not waste product. In fact, we have a pack that contains both and is very well priced, specially designed for you to combine them.

Vera and the birds multimask pack

The first step to carry out this technique is to know what your skin type is; This is not an easy task, we know that sometimes environmental, hormonal or even psychological factors influence the type of skin. Let's say that your skin is mixed and that in the T zone you usually accumulate blackheads and excess fat, while on your cheeks and cheekbones you have some imperfection and it tends to dry out. In this case, you could apply the purifying active carbon mask in that T zone and in the rest of the facial oval apply the remineralizing nourishing mask.

apply clay and charcoal mask


Hola Rocio. La mascarilla nutritiva remineralizante se encuentra agotada y no volverá a estar disponible, lo siento mucho. Un saludo.

Vera and the Birds

Hola! No encuentro la mascarilla de arcilla verde en la web. Llevo usándola mucho tiempo y no sé si está agotada o ya no la fabricáis. Gracias


Hola Judith.

Podrías usar ambas mascarillas si, no existe contraindicación alguna en su uso durante embarazo y lactancia. 😊

Vera and the Birds

?Las dos mascarillas son aptas para embarazadas?


puedo usar la negra y una vez retirada de toda la cara usar la otra y despues ya mi rutina normal de crema ..? o solo podria utilizar una y otro dia otra


Hola, me gustaría saber si por dejártela aplicada más tiempo del indicado el resultado es peor. Soy de acordarme a la hora de que me la tengo que retirar.


¡Hola! En relación a la frecuencia d eso de la mascarilla, es recomendable usarla 1-2 veces a la semana.

Alex - Vera & the birds

Hola quería saber cada cuanto tiempo tengo que utilizar la mascarilla.


¿Cuantas veces a la semana se debe poner la mascarilla verde de arcilla?

Sonia Martos Gacia

Buenas noches. Acabo de comprar la mascarilla revitalizante y estoy encantada, pero tengo una pequeña duda ¿cuántas veces se debe usar a la semana?


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