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Why do you need Anti-Pollution cosmetics?

anti-pollution serum

You clean your face morning and night, hydrate it according to the specific needs of your skin. You wear sun protection daily and even in winter. You don't smoke, you play sports and your diet is healthy and varied. Ok, you are a good girl of the beauty world, and you are doing a lot to make your skin look healthy and young. But there is a step that you may be missing and that is essential for the health of the complexion: protection against pollution. 

A large part of us live in large or medium-sized cities and are subjected to very high levels of pollution. This is tremendously harmful to our health, it is nothing new, but in recent years the scientific community has been warning of the detrimental effects that pollution has on our skin . 

First, they are only barely perceptible symptoms: dehydration, a dull appearance, the appearance of small spots and imperfections. But the worst thing is the long term: exposure to pollution over the years accelerates the oxidative stress of cells, resulting in their premature aging . Pollution molecules, highly reactive, penetrate our cells altering their functioning and reducing their ability to regenerate. The result is terrible: the skin ages prematurely, the overall appearance of the complexion is parchment-like, opaque, with marked expression lines and rough to the touch. 

It is possible that when you first heard the concept of anti-pollution cosmetics you thought  "Another thing? nooo”. At first it might seem like a passing fad, but the truth is that it is a trend that was born out of a need. Pollution affects your beauty (a lot) and therefore cosmetic products designed to protect you from it cannot be missing from your routine.


Before anything else: deep cleaning. Dirty skin with clogged pores is skin that ages faster. In addition, layers of dirt, pollution and sebum prevent treatments from penetrating the skin and being effective. To get rid of any traces of dirt, cleanse your face daily with a mild cleansing gel. Occasionally (once or twice a week) exfoliate your skin with the Illuminating Gentle Scrub , your skin will look free of impurities, soft and luminous. And to finish off the cleaning, also occasionally use the Activated charcoal and sage purifying mask: charcoal acts like a magnet on dirt particles, grease and toxins.


You need a shield. Against pollution. Already. The Anti-Pollution Serum creates a fine invisible film of powerful active ingredients that block the passage of pollution to your skin. Certain active botanicals such as wheat and barley seeds contain elements with the ability to sequester heavy metals . Applied in the morning, it protects the skin barrier from external aggressions to which we are going to expose ourselves. At night, it repairs the damage caused during the day. At all times your skin, safe and repaired. 

You can read here how the Anti-Pollution Serum works

anti-pollution serum


Restores and strengthens the skin barrier. Your skin is your natural shield, it is very effective but it is not infallible. A skin with a weakened skin bar will become an easy target for polluting agents that want to penetrate it. You need your skin to be properly hydrated so that it can deal with free radicals.

Right after the Serum, apply a moisturizing cream that reinforces the skin barrier and that adapts perfectly to your skin type. If you have combination skin, at Vera & the birds you will find the perfect moisturizing facial cream for combination skin .


Protect your skin from the sun. Pollution and solar radiation go hand in hand and combined they are devastating for your skin. At Vera & the birds we currently don't have products with sun protection (even though it's on our checklist :-) but in any case we encourage you to always, always, always use a good quality one. 

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