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New! Lip balm and scrub to repair your lips after the summer

Chapped, dry lips, punished by the sun and finished off by the use of protective masks, do you recognize them? The end of the summer arrives and your poor lips scream help! deeply. Luckily Vera & the birds arrives just in time to rescue them with two incredible products that will give you nourished and voluptuous lips ; an exfoliating-repairing duo you can't live without: Bamboo Lip Scrub and Cocoa Lip Balm .

Why will your lips no longer want to separate from them?

This lip balm provides an incredible sensation of comfort and nourishment to the lips without a greasy or sticky feeling and with an addictive natural aroma of cocoa ! Its multiple extra-repairing assets such as cocoa and shea butter , together with almond, olive and soybean oils are the perfect combination to recover the nutrition lost due to heat, stress or the use of masks.

The lip scrub provides a total renewal of the lips. With a light massage and in a matter of seconds, the lips regain their soft texture. Eliminates annoying little skin thanks to the small bamboo particles that perform an effective and intense exfoliation . It does not cause irritation due to its base of nutritious assets that makes this step a pleasure.

The negative effects of summer on your lips

Sun, water, sudden changes in temperature... after the summer the elements have done their thing with our lips and their skin barrier has been especially compromised. In addition, the skin of the lips is extremely delicate and much thinner than that of the rest of the body. And the constant use of protective masks does him a disservice. It is urgent to repair them and give them extra pampering so that they return to their normal state.

Shock therapy for lips of ten

Try this post-summer crash plan. First, massage your moistened lips with our Bamboo Lip Scrubs : the soft bamboo fibers together with the fine salt will gently exfoliate the skin and remove unsightly little skin that the sun and heat often cause. Do not forget to include the corners in your massage, we always forget! Then remove the scrub with water or a damp cloth. Why don't you already notice your lips in a different way? More voluminous and renewed , that's the magic of our Bamboo Lip Scrub !

Now it is the turn of the Cocoa Lip Balm . Apply a layer on the lips and recreate yourself in the pleasant sensation that it provokes: you will notice the lips more fluffy, nourished and voluptuous . And have you noticed what it smells like? To irresistible cocoa! Its star asset is cocoa butter , very rich in vitamin E, and is responsible for that addictive and natural aroma. This powerful balm is packed with repairing agents such as vegetable oils or butters so you can be sure that you are giving your lips the special care they need.

What are you waiting for to try them? Get them and start pampering your lips as they deserve.

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