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Daily facial cleansing or how to make the most of your beauty products

If you skip a correct facial cleansing, you are throwing your money away.

We read the best beauty editorials, we closely follow the Instagram accounts that educate us about skin care, star active ingredients in the formulations of the most TOP products, we are always willing to try new products from our fetish brands, in short, we are up-to-date with all the latest cosmetic news and we are "connoisseurs" on the subject, so when we buy our beauty essentials we do it with a lot of knowledge and we find the perfect products. However, it is useless to apply the best cosmetics on our skin if we have not properly prepared it beforehand, right? It is not so. We still find that there are many doubts regarding this mandatory step, why is it so important? When should I do it? How many products should I use? Keep reading and we will clear all your doubts, if you have them... ;)

 Why is this gesture so important?

The skin has a valuable barrier function that isolates the rest of the body from external aggressions. These range from those produced by mechanical elements such as the wind, to others such as pollution, ultraviolet radiation or aggressive substances with which we come into contact on a daily basis. Sometimes the barrier function can be compromised due to different causes such as inadequate facial hygiene, dehydration or a specific pathology such as atopic dermatitis. For this reason, carrying out small gestures such as facial cleansing helps the skin to fulfill its function more effectively, and this will translate into brighter, more uniform, rejuvenated and ultimately healthier skin.

What prevents having facial skin free of impurities?

Throughout the day different substances accumulate in our skin tissue such as excess sebum, sweat, dust, pollution, makeup and other cosmetic products that we apply to the skin during the day such as sun protection. But not only them, the cells that make up the different layers of the skin are regenerating and in cycles of approximately 28 days, the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the epidermis, is completely regenerated. New cells are making their way from the inner layers to the outer.  That is why we often hear about dead skin or cells that accumulate in this part of the skin tissue, and that if we help to eliminate it correctly through cleaning , we will be doing our skin a favor, allowing it to perspire better and rediscover its lost balance.

Morning or night?

The general recommendation is at both times , since the skin accumulates different dirt throughout the day. In the morning it is important to wash your face to remove excess sebum and sweat that occurs at night and the products that we apply to our face before going to sleep, such as serums, eye contours, and night creams. At night we must remove dust, pollution, makeup and cosmetic products applied during the day such as sun protection. It is important to include the skin of the neck and décolleté! They are often the forgotten ones and we must remember that we also apply our favorite products on them.

How many times can I wash my face? We must bear in mind that our skin is like most cats, it does not like water. That is why we must limit the number of times we wash our face per day, as excess water could be counterproductive and damage the skin's lipid layer, causing dehydration, dryness, and tightness. We must always pay attention to our skin type and use the most appropriate products according to its condition. This attention should be extended to how the skin reacts before washing and the products used. Twice a day is a general rule, but it will depend on how our skin reacts.

Well, okay, we clean the skin, with what? what are the steps i need to do? how many products do i use?

It depends on the time of day. In the morning it is enough to use a cleansing product, with mild and effective surfactants such as Vera & the birds Cleansing Mousse , formulated with a non-ionic surfactant that respects the skin's natural balance and is suitable for all skin types , even sensitive, it is a perfect option for combination and oily skin . If enlarged pores are a problem for you and a lot of dirt tends to accumulate inside them, we recommend finishing with a facial toner, which will help improve their appearance.

At night, if we wear makeup it is important to remove it first, this is sacred! (Seriously, don't go to bed with makeup on , in the long run this habit wreaks havoc on your skin.) To do this, you can use a micellar water such as the Vera & the birds Micellar Gel (micellar water with a gel texture) applied with the help of a make-up remover pad and better if it is reusable, as we will be able to save money and help take care of the planet ;). You can use these discs . In the case of waterproof or long-lasting makeup, it may be necessary to use an oil-based product to remove the entire amount of makeup. If you have questions about how to use micellar water, we recommend that you read MICELLAR GEL: WHAT IT IS AND WHAT IT IS FOR

 If we have used micellar water, with mild surfactants that do not need rinsing, it is not necessary to wash our face afterwards with a product with a soapy texture, the skin appreciates that we are not rubbing it with different products , and accessories such as wipes or discs unnecessarily. However, if you have used products that require rinsing or feel that you need to wash your face with a product with a foaming texture, we recommend that you choose syndet formulas that are less aggressive to the skin than soap, such as our Cleansing Mousse for complete hygiene. You can use it after using the micellar water and finish with the toner as in the day routine.

This is the daily facial hygiene routine that we recommend, however, to complete the process and provide the skin with the best possible care, it is necessary to exfoliate the face once or twice a week , to help the skin get rid of dead cells that accumulate on its surface and make it in better condition to absorb products applied later. Finally, to achieve a perfect finish and give our skin all the pampering and attention it needs, we recommend that you apply a purifying mask at least once a week to achieve a deeper cleanse, visibly smaller pores and a detox effect.

How to clean?

Depending on the characteristics of each product, cleaning is done in a different way:

  1. With micellar gel or cleansing milk: apply with your fingers performing a massage and then remove it with the help of a cotton pad or make-up remover pad . Another option is to apply the product directly to the disc and clean with upward circular movements .
  1. In the case of products that foam, such as the Vera & the birds cleansing mousse : with the face previously moistened, dose one or two poufs in your hand and then distribute the foam all over the face, performing a pleasant and gentle massage with circular movements . Once it has been well spread and massaged, it is rinsed with cool or lukewarm water . Did you know? Although it is a mousse texture, it is a soap-free formula that respects the natural balance of the skin and prevents tightness and discomfort. It is suitable even for sensitive skin!

Once we have controlled facial cleansing and our skin is cleaner than a whistle, it is time to pamper it and reward it after this process with good hydration. Now the skin is ready to receive all the active ingredients that you have carefully selected for it and that it will receive with open arms. Therefore, to finish your beauty ritual , always apply a moisturizing cream that suits the needs of your skin and the benefit sought. In the morning? A good moisturizer that helps improve the skin's natural hydration factor like Vera & the birds day cream . At night take advantage of the fact that the body repairs itself and give your skin an extra regenerating shot, which has a boost effect for amazing skin in the morning. Vera & the birds regenerating cream with hyaluronic acid will fulfill this purpose perfectly.

TIP: do you want to see even more accentuated effects? Before applying creams, apply a serum that enhances their effects, such as theAnti-Pollution Serum to fight against free radicals, responsible for skin aging.


Hola, buenos días! Estaría interesada en comprar algunos de sus productos, estoy embarazada y no se si hay alguno que tenga algún componente que no pueda usar, un saludo espero su respuesta.


Hola! Me encantan sus productos, la presentación es hermosa, las felicito. Tengo una duda a ver si uds pueden ayudarme: tengo 59 años y mi piel con la menopausia ha cambiado mucho, tengo la piel seca por lo que no me la exfolio pero pienso seria necesario. Creen puedan darme un consejo al respecto? Gracias


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