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Lift Up Serum: the lifting effect serum that firms the face

Say goodbye to sagging, wrinkles and a tired look - (if you want!)
The Lift Up Serum is a revolutionary double action active complex; immediate lifting effect and treatment of signs of aging in the medium and long term.

With a light texture, a refreshing aroma, vegan and with 99.26 ingredients of natural origin , this serum will become a favorite for all skin types.

Those who have tried it say that "its good face effect has me in love" , "it leaves the skin beautiful", "it is equivalent to eight hours of sleep" and that "its aroma is ahhhhh". Get hold of it, it's already on sale!

Why is it so powerful?

Its secret lies in the 10% innovative active ingredient Tens'Up™ from the chicory root and 2% from the jambu plant , known as 'vegetable botox'. Both are the star ingredients that work in synergy to provide your skin with:

Immediate lifting effect
5 minutes after application, the immediate lifting effect can already be seen, visibly improving the firmness of the face and redefining the facial oval.

rejuvenating treatment
It acts intensively by increasing collagen synthesis to significantly reduce all the signs of aging, including the fading of expression lines.

Enhances firmness
Creates a flash effect almost immediately in the dermis. After a few minutes of its application, we notice how the film performs the lifting and tightening effect. The skin appears firmer and more elastic with more defined contours.

Visibly reduces wrinkles
Visually, a smoothing effect on wrinkles and expression lines is immediately perceived, thus softening facial features and erasing the signs of a 'tired face'.

Facilitates the application of makeup and its durability
You will fall in love with applying it in the morning and it is also highly recommended to use it before makeup, as it facilitates its application and allows it to last longer.

Do you want to know more about your assets? Go to the Lift Up Serum product sheet.

How do I know if it's for me?

Do you feel identified with some of the #skinconcerns above? Perfect, so this serum and you were born to be together. And if not, you should also consider using it, since it delays the signs of aging , preventing the appearance of wrinkles, expression lines, facial sagging and loss of elasticity.

By the way, you may have noticed that at Vera & the birds we don't like to talk about cosmetics according to age , because we believe that a product should be formulated to treat a specific skin concern and not for an age range. But if you still need us to guide you, we can tell you that skins over 35 years of age are the ones that can start to benefit from the continued use of the Lift up Serum.

At what time of day do I apply it?

Use it in the morning to get that immediate lifting effect . Its tensor active ingredients will give you a well-rested look!

You will see that 2-3 drops is enough for the entire face: its fluid and non-sticky texture facilitates extra-fast absorption.

But could I use the Lift Up Serum at night too? Of course! We have formulated it to be used as part of the morning routine for its tightening effect, but you can use it whenever you want. In the same way as the Bakuchiol you could use it morning and night, but we recommend more at night for its renovating assets.

How do I integrate it into my routine?

The new Lift Up Serum takes its place after cleansing, toning and contouring and before moisturizer, SPF and makeup (optional)

You don't have to include all our products in your routine. Guide yourself with this chart to identify which serum to choose depending on what you want to achieve on your skin and/or the time of day.

Results of the clinical test of the active ingredient Tens'Up™

An independent laboratory has carried out a study on the active ingredient Tens'Up™ and the results have been surprising. The panel was made up of 15 volunteers between the ages of 40 and 65 who tested a 10% aqueous solution of Tens'Up™ and assessed its effect 5 minutes and 2 hours after its application.

From there two types of results are thrown:

In vivo results

Using Fotofinder Dermoscope v2 technology, a laboratory physician evaluates that the active ingredient visually improves the appearance of the skin and produces a visible attenuation of wrinkles around the eyes.

Perception results

To carry out the subjective evaluation, the volunteers completed a questionnaire both five minutes (t5') and two hours after application (t2H) of the Tens'Up™ active ingredient. The results were extraordinary. More than 90% of the panel corroborates the immediate tightening effect both after five minutes and two hours. They also appreciated great improvements in aspects such as softness, comfort and reduction of wrinkles. Look at the graph and hallucinate!

This promises to be the new hit for Vera & the birds. Are you going to let it get away? Now on sale!


¡Hola Marina!

Si, el Lift Up Serum es apto durante embarazo y lactancia. ¡Te encantará!

Un abrazo.

Vera and the Birds

¿Es apto para mujeres embarazadas?



¡Hola Beatriz!

El Lift Up podrías aplicarlo en la zona del contorno de ojos si, y después aplicar el Sublime Eye Serum.

¡Un abrazo! 😍

Vera and the Birds

¡Hola! En la ficha del producto no sale que se evite el contorno de los ojos ¿Se podría aplicar en la zona del contorno este serum + el contorno de ojos? ¡Gracias!


Hola, Lourdes.

El Lift Up serum es un tratamiento que progresivamente va disminuyendo o difuminando arrugas y líneas de expresión, pues incrementa la síntesis de colágeno de la piel. No sólo realiza un efecto tensor momentáneo.
Puedes usarlo tranquilamente con otros productos de otras marcas.

Vera and the birds

Me gustaría probar el lift up serum y optar por una segunda rutina de cosmeticos para cambiar en meses alternos de marca. Este serum sería compatible con produstos freshly?
El lift up serum es como una ampolla flash o en realidad es un tratamiento que disminuye las arrugas?


Un saludo


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