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Coloring sheets for gray days

Isolation is hard, so to try to help us cope with it better, we leave you here some beautiful coloring sheets , so that you can download them completely free of charge and paint them, alone or with your family, and help you make these days at home a little more bearable . It is our (very small) grain of sand to help alleviate a situation that is not at all, not easy.

Painting is good therapy . You are alone or in company. And it is not necessary to have notions of painting or expensive materials, choose the technique that you like the most: watercolor, colored pencils, pastel, acrylic. You just have to print the sheets (preferably on thick paper) and start coloring. It is a super fun activity to do with children and entertain them during these days 

Download them here

These are drawings I made for the coloring book a while ago. I am now rescuing them one by one and I leave them hanging here so that you can download them in PDF, print and paint them.

Arm yourselves with patience and brushes (or rotus). We are sure that this situation will soon be over. Creativity, here we come!

A hug,



¡Muchísimas gracias Paula!

Vera and the Birds

Millones de gracias, las vamos a usar para que los ancianos de la residencia estén entretenidos este fin de semana! :)


Muchísimas gracias a ti Lucía. Esperamos que las disfrutes muchísimo. Un abrazo 😘

Vera and the Birds

Hola Alex, muchísimas gracias por compartir las láminas, los dibujos son preciosos! :)


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