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Natural soap: benefits and how it works

We rub the tablet with a little water and a suggestive foam emerges, which envelops our skin, leaving it spotless and cared for. The gesture of washing with soap is simple, practical, effective and does not generate waste . That's why we knew we had to bring our soaps back as soon as possible. Because as many of you know, we already had soaps in our catalogue. And for months we have been working tirelessly so that you could enjoy a broader line of solid products , more sensorial and with more interesting active ingredients for your skin.

Pink and white clay, olive, coconut, activated charcoal, grapefruit essential oil. We have gathered little pearls from nature and included them in these four face and body soap bars that are now available for you to enjoy. They are all soaps that clean in depth , formulated to respectfully and effectively eliminate residues and germs. But each one has some element that makes it special and different from the other.

What's yours?

Active Charcoal Facial Soap - A bar that combines mud from the Dead Sea and activated charcoal to cleanse deeply, perfect for oily or combination skin.

White & Pink Clay Facial Soap - Combination or dry skin will love this gentle soap made of white and pink clay, glycerin, coconut and olive oil.

Orange Blossom Soap - Hand and body care bar with soft orange blossom petals.

Pink Grapefruit Soap - Naturally cleanses body and hands with the energizing aroma of grapefruit.

Good for you and good for the planet

Our solid cosmetics collection is a return to essentials , to that simple gesture that has been with us for millennia. Its solid format means that it hardly has any packaging, which drastically reduces the generation of waste .

The packaging that protects our soaps is the essential minimum and goes along the lines of #zerowaste. The first wrapper in contact with the pill is made with PLA, a biodegradable polymer that originates from 100% renewable resources, such as corn, beets, wheat and other products rich in starch. The outer paper , in which the precious illustrations are embodied, is 100% recycled . The inks used are, as in the rest of our products, low migration.

We started by launching four bars of soap, but our intention is that this is just the beginning of a whole catalog of 'zero waste' products, which will grow and grow in the coming months.

How does the soap work?

Solid soap is the oldest cleaning method in existence. Its operation is very simple. Each soap molecule contains a hydrophilic part (which loves water) and a hydrophobic part (which repels water). The hydrophobic part traps oil on the skin and the hydrophilic part binds to water, so the oil (along with dirt) is 'trapped' or 'suspended in water' and can be easily rinsed away .

What is the pH and what is the PH of our skin?

The pH scale has a range from 0 to 14. A neutral pH would have a value of 7, even values ​​close to it would be considered neutral. Starting from there, the values ​​that we find below 7 would be considered acidic (pH<7 up to pH=0). On the other hand, the values ​​that we find higher than 7 would be considered alkaline or basic (pH>7 to pH=14).

Our skin has a slightly acid pH, it usually varies between 4.5-5.9. In men it is slightly more acidic, 4.8 and that of women 5. The pH also varies between the areas of the body in which it is measured. For example: it is more acid in the armpits and between the fingers.

The pH of the skin is produced by a layer between the epidermis and the dermis called the hypodermis . This layer, hypodermis, is responsible for lubricating the skin and protecting it from external agents such as bacteria.

What pH does the soap have?

Our soap bars are produced by hand with a traditional process of saponification of vegetable oils. Through this process, the salts of the oil's fatty acids are generated. For example, the salts obtained by saponifying coconut oil generate incredible foam and great cleaning power , while the salts produced by saponifying olive oil generate less foam but are very emollient and soft on the skin.

In this process of saponification, vegetable glycerin is also obtained, which is an ideal moisturizer and softener that helps disperse salts on the skin's surface.

However, a solid cosmetic soap, as it is made using this traditional process, is always an alkaline soap with an approximate value of pH=9.

What benefits does an alkaline soap bring me?

A soap naturally with its slightly alkaline PH can be considered the oldest cleaning product to avoid diseases and infections, as well as to care for and keep the skin healthier and more beautiful . To this day, there are many cultures that would not replace it, nor will they replace it, with a different hygiene product. A hygiene cosmetic with a slightly alkaline pH will help to clean in greater depth , and improve the appearance of pores since the cleaning will be more thorough.

Being formulated with a base of nourishing ingredients such as olive and coconut oil, the skin readjusts after cleansing and recovers its pH a few minutes after use, without noticing any sensation of tightness or discomfort.


¡Hola Janelis! El packaging de nuestros jabones es 100% reciclado, ya que es de papel. Pero los jabones en si mismos están fabricados con aceite de oliva y coco.

Puedes verlos en este enlace:

Un abrazo.

Vera and the Birds

El jabon de limpieza es con aceite de oliva o reciclado?. No me quedó claro.


¡Hola, María!

Puedes pedirlos a través de nuestra página web. Te dejo el enlace de los mismos:

Vera and the birds

Una pregunta donde consigo estos jabones???.Estoy deseando tenerlos!!!!!


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